Saturday, July 16, 2011

BlackWhisper, I'm very very very Sorry

BQQ, I'm sorry about what happen yesterday, well I'm not gonna make any excuses, I was being mean, on purpose, because of my mood. You didn't have to cross my name out of the chat, if I'm being a terrible person, the world deserve to know that I'm a very terrible person. :(

No I don't hate you, not anything about you annoy me, I liked what you do, and you're a good friend. If the words doesn't do the magic, then let the action speak for itself, remember, who was the one who cheer you on the most when you made your first sword video. Remember, who was it that get your 'idol' to give you some words of encouragement even thou he refused to watch the thing. Remember, who went through all the trouble to help you make you the prison raid video. Remember, who could vesp way faster, with AA pass activated, but run to buy an SA pass, and vesp with you just because you say "Ama come vesp with me!" And also, remember +7 Gladiator armor doesn't drop from the sky, some body have to buy it. >.<

I was just playing around, I'm sorry if I went overboard QQ

Here's one last thing, because I don't know how to say it better...

(ignore the chinese part, i don't understand it either :( )

PS. It's that time of the month, I have mood wing, unstable hormone level and stomach cramp. So yah, i'm not a very happy camper. *sigh*