Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm finally free, Yay!

My game is running, I'm downloading kGE client, listen to some music in the background, I haven't turn off my poor little laptop for 3days, so there's no way I'm going to go to photoshop and get some pic to post. No cute little images for you. Hah! Well I dig my flickr account a little, and found this.. random, but better than nothing. Cute little Cathy~

Anyway, I gave life the best out of me the last week or so, yesterday I finally took the bloody Ochem exam. During the whole exam, I feel like I was going to collapse anytime, I was very tired, and my body was shutting down on me. I couldn't see, everything was blurry. Well, everything have been blurry for me lately, my eyes work like some cheap webcam now, you know how you move your webcam around.. it's all blurry and when you stop, it took awhile to focus and clear out the scene.. that's kinda how my eyes are. Maybe it's time to go to the doctor check it out...

After the exam yesterday I went back and have to stay up until midnight-ish to finish some of the homework. When that finished, I think I passed out.. I remember telling everyone I was going to bed, but I could have hallucinated, who knows. Within the last 30days, I've fell asleep at the keyboard for about 20days I think, my dear roommate keep having to tell me to go to my bed and sleep when she come back every night. Oh internet obsession, what have you done to me~.

I woke up this morning feeling like I'm having a hangover, that one is unavoidable. That's a fake hang over because I was too tired to go out with friends. If I was gonna go out with them last night, I will end up with a real hangover. The crappy feeling didn't go away even after I was finished with class at around 3 o'clock. My friend was nagging me to go play volleyball with them at 4, I refused and go back to the room and crashed instead. I was smart, feeling the way I was feeling earlier, I will end up with a purple eye, some missing teeth and a broken ankle after the volleyball game. I promised them dinner at 5, so at 4:30 my phone start getting spam with text messages and phone call until I finally wake up. Dragging myself out of bed, looking pretty and start heading over for dinner.. and there was only 2 them there $(%*(#*$#$ I was told that the lovebirds decided to do something something, some friends was late, one gotta drive home early because it's about to get dark.. blah blah blah. Ah well, I see them all day everyday, not that big of a deal.

I'm still feeling a bit crappy, but thanks heaven, hell, allah, buddha, god... whoever is listening that Easter Break is now here, I'm off from school for the next 5days. I decided to stay at school, because I feel too crappy to drive home in this state. It would be sad if I die in a Texas highway... I was born believing that when I die, it will because of some awesome things like skydiving accident, bungee jumping or attempting to do the Salsa on 1000 banana peels with some hot male dancer...

For now, I'm going back to hibernation, until next time guys.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mid-Term Week

Ugh, I just finished with my Quantitative Chem Exam, and currently suffering some brain damage.. ahhhhhhhh. I gotta survive, I got Organic Chem exam tomorrow >.<. Be strong self! Survive!!!

Anyway, yesterday I received a different book for doing treasure hunt mission (WHERE IS MY SYMBOLS!), this one is my first one, but the mission is technically the same, you go inside and kill 10 treasure maidens, then warp back out and get a box. Here are what they look like:

The Legendary Treasure Chest is so legend that I got a grand total of 4 Legendary Lvl100 Chips out of it. YAY!

Circus is a total scam the last few days, the most I got out of it was 2 Lvl100 chips and a red ticket. I didn't even do it today, maybe I should take a long break to wash off the bad luck =(. Oh yah, I also killed a random Ancient King of Greed, with 30% Drop rate from HPS + 20% from Survival manual + 20% from PanPan buff, the total drop included 1x 96 chips and a normal Lvl 92 armor which was broken into a chip. The 5 treasure boxes that he dropped give me Bellem Boxes, Health Filler and a Teleport Scroll. Ohh.. cruel fate~

More Pigling Parade was held, and for 2 more times I was curious and went to check it out. I wanted some nice screenie but the people wont stop killing stuff.. making the pigs running around none stop >.<. I manage to get a nice one, however I was unable to take the names, since they run away as soon as I press the PrtScreen button~


My fail:

This morning, I listed 2 Old Chest Pieces in the Market Manager for 300k vis each. I meant to put it for Feso, but I didn't realize it until I took the money back from the cabinet, and saw that the amount of Feso I had stay unchanged, and I gained 552k vis. The total Vis I have now is 58mil, not even enough to craft the EMSr I just got for Luna (BSI) =(.

What not so fail:

At least, that probably made someone day haha. If you, or someone you knew was the person that bought it. Please let me know, I'm just curious. I promise I won't want it back :P. Let me know~

I found this screenie while looking for something to post today. Where is Erika =( Ama misses Erika and want him back >.< !

(I call him Erika because I can't ever spell his name right, and it just stuck~)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Transformation *Abracadabra* POOF

I change the way my character look a lot, but I always have a favorite of how they look, and they stuck with that favorite look until I find something better. For a long while, my fighter look like this :

But lately, I don't feel like having her being so nice anymore, so I decided it's time for a change. After some running around getting the items and then the help of my friend - Delator. POOF, I got her to look like this:

Ebil, but Smexy <3. I am somewhat enjoying her new look, maybe she will stay like that for awhile =3.

Yesterday, I also went to the Pig Parade, where G1-Fynlo gave out free item (+5 Expert Lacquer) for Pigling's owners. I personally don't have a Pigling, I have a tiger named Ridge, he basically loots at the same rate that Pigling does. I would have get Pigling too, only if she didn't come at the rip off price of 2500Gold ;D. But yah, I ran there anyway, bc I'm nosy and I like screenie, muahahaha.

Here's a shot where people line up for free loot~ (the Boar and Baby Cockatrice also line up xD)

(I spy a Clover :O!)

And And, I also found 3 Little Sister Pigs :o!

They were named SirOinksAlot Waitt, Piggy Labeuf and Kermit Vanatouli (from Left to Right).

Wait.. Isn't Kermit a frog o.o!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (Late) St. Patrick's Day!

I was going to write something about the cute lito event that going on on sword, but Ash beats me to it >.<. Read here if you wanna know what he has to say xD. But still, my fighter is still smexi enough for a worthy screenie. RAWR~

On the first day, the broad said I am Ranked 8th in GM surprise Event. I have no clue what that mean, or how I did it. Anyone?

I also acquired another Treasure Hunter Request from Premium Treasure Box, I tried out my luck again with the short and not so handsome Treasure Hunter dude in Auch(there's one on every town). The info about this little mission can be find here. Back then I was able to find some more info about it and the list of loots that can be find from the box but I can't seem to find it now.

I got this after finishing the quest

It suppose to be the best box, but I got a Lvl. 100 Chip from it >.<. The first time I did the quest I got 5 Earth Stones (Moon Stone) while Oakie did it and get 2 Great Stones (Grow Stone). My luck is cursed.....

Talk about cursed luck, I joined Femme to do the Secret Tower mission in Auch, I spend 30k feso to make keys (yah.. that can keep my pet alive for 10hrs!) for it, one of the key was wasted because we got a random mass disconnect when we was inside. Everything went smoothly until we got to Lvl 3, the Ghost Magic Powder just refuse to drop after about 2hrs of hunting =(. We got keys after keys and no powder... At the end, one did drop and roundrobined on to me, but I gave it away to another squad member because I had had enough of the tower for the day ._. Oh, if u ever look out of the window of the tower on Lvl. 3, it look kinda cool :D

And then there's a ring boxes incident, I went to trade all the rings I got to get 30 black oxides. I got 29 black oxides in 41 rings, THEN the 30th oxide took 10 rings to get >______<. THEN, the rings that drop from the ring boxes are not even worth mentioning, deluge... atomic bomber ring? Sub marine shot ring.. whatttttt. OK well I did get Blessness + another equites stance ring BUT.. my Romina is lvl 66, very useful! *sarcasm*

Hm, I did get Symbol of Leo from Premium Treasure Chest... maybe that was the only luck of the week xD. Unless you consider getting disconnected from Circus Raid is lucky =O?


My Fail screenie...

I meant to drag the Bear hat into the box, but instead I drag my precious Angel Wings into it ='( *crieeeeeeeeeeeeees*.. you don't know how much gold I spent on Mia's Boxes to get a set of 3 Angel wings >__< *sniff sniff*... AT least I got an Enchant Booster, which was later traded with Vikerus(?) Family for a Rhodolite Piece, which was traded for Nar's toe nail...

WTS Nar, I will take whatever you offer + A Pair of Angel wings for him \o/

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yay, school is finally over for a little while. I'm now home, and my mom have see this as an opportunity to maximize her use for me by making me doing non stop chores....BUT I would rather do her chores (which I can easily slack off and play game in the middle xD) than going to school haha. Aside from that, mom also feed me way better than school does... gosh I love cantaloupe to dead but I'm glad I no longer have to eat it for lunch (bc all the other food sux). And I won't miss the constant stomachache I have up at school for sure, I'm lactose intolerance and American cooking is just too much lactose for me to handle. Yay for Asian food!

Lately, It happen that I have to do a lot of 2-person circus, and never fail. One time thou, my poor Beautiful (the Fighter) gotta be the tank (after scout, 1dps and the tank die), seriously, she would make the worse tank ever.. I don't carry a shield, I hate 1h on her, using 84e plate and in Mighty Cruz stance xD. Any how, I survived and fulfill my purpose as the replacement tank and get a bloody Lvl 100 chips (all the other stuff got RR away..) and then there's the victory pose~. Beautiful the tank xP.

Arsene seems to like me more the more he sees me.. hm.. creepy. Nevertheless, since I started doing the Circus Raid, I've got two Elite Black Dragon Recipes.. the first one was trade off for 6 Mysterious Steel Piece and 3 Steel Recipes. The loot was then shared among the three squad members. The second was trade off for a blank EMS.. LOL YES. I tried to trade it + Vis for 2 EMSr (one for me and one for Banana), but seem like no one have 2EMSr sitting the trader happen to be some awesome person I know, so I let him have it for cheap :P.

I also spend sometime to get over with the Errac and Nar quest. It turn out that Emilia is a shank, she's not as good and innocent like everyone think she would be, pff.. that's why I always dislike her, she steal my line!!

Another reason I hate her, is that other than the screenie I took of her above, all her other quest face are always this ugly and cranky face she made. Too ugly that I don't even bother taking one... you probably notice, at some point.

One cool thing happen this week, is that, after hearing all the rumor that G1 might spawn Lvl 1 Raid boss around the colonies during Colony War, I decided to check it out and go to a random colony, sit there and see if it really happen (like it did in Illier and Bristia).. instead, out of all the colonies, I decided to sit on the one, where Ethereal and Phalanx take it all out on each other (Lago Celeste)! It's so funny, Phalanx got the colony first, and one by one Ethereal come and try to snatch it, and one by one they failed... (aww). After 10mins or so they decided to go full force (or half force? 1/4 force? there was only like 9-10 players there) and so there I am, sitting still and watch them taking each other out xD

And guess who I saw there in the flame of war...

After awhile, I've had enough, and so I ran back to town, guess who beat me to auch....

I'm starting to think it's not so much of a coincidence anymore :o!

Monday, March 8, 2010

*Dusting the blog*

Sorry guys, I've been really busy lately, mid-term week is here and I've been drowning under things that I needed to do. It won't slow down until this week is over, and so you might not see another post until next week or so. :(

Well even if I'm drowning under stuff, I've been in game too, making a comment here and there, talking to people between Organic problems. Other than that, I've been taking advantage of the Exp week to level a few char =D. First of all, Beautiful is now Expert :o! Unlike the cruel thing I did to Glorious (the Scout), I remember to took a screenie this time xD. She's just too 'Beautiful' to no take one :P

I also took sometime to level up Andre the Fabulous~~, he's now Lvl 100 and is ready to take on any armor, costume the family need him to craft~. OH! And from a good friend, I welcomed Battle Smith Idge into my big and fuzzy family. SHE IS MY FAVORITE PREMIUM NPC <3<3<3. To show you how much I love her, I got her 18hrs ago at Lvl 50, as of now she's Vet Lvl. 2 and counting~ <--- that's pretty impressive for lazy leveler like me O.O. I named her Luna, after the cute little cat (below) in the once famous manga/anime Sailor Moon, they're both so adorable~.

Another thing that happened this week. I sold off Precious (Viki), he's probably one of the top 10 thing I spend the most vis on xD. I bought him as Vet 1 for 200mil when I was Lvl 70ish. Since then, I also have a Viki of my own, and one more in a card... I was stupid enough to buy the card without Tetis T__T. Anyway, Danny, the one who stayed was very sad when Precious have to go :(.

I didn't really want to sell him thou, but the family that was buying him was broading for about two days and that he's only Lvl 50, I figure my Precious (Viki) could have help them a bit along the way, that's why I sold Precious to him >.<.

I also manage to gather up some Vis during the pass few week by selling everything I got, literary.. I wanted to save up for EMSs and some Ogre weapon.. but EMS price is still high up the sky, and there's no one really selling Ogre weapons T__T. Blah :(.. sad week.


Random screenie :D!

Monday, March 1, 2010

This Week I realize....

ZOMG I NEED TO PLAY SWORD LESSS.... I've been neglecting some of my school work to play >.<. Bad Ama BAD :( *smack ama*

Anyway, so I've been telling you that this is under construction... and nothing have change.. yet. STill! I'm trying.. I can't make a good looking banner. My Photoshop and artistic skill had fail me.. it's still is T______T

Come to talk about my Photoshop and Artistic skill.. this is as far as it will go

Yayy.. stick men ftw!! One day, I will invent stick women, can't let he men have all the credit :O!

This week in sword is all about the Circus and the new events. I've tried out:

Team Arena : Love it, only if it doesn't take forever...

Gold Dungeon : >.>... tried 3 times, most successful was holding on until the last 1:30min. Everybody worry about the boss and forgot the base ;(!

Circus Raid: Do eet everyday, yet only get one blue recipe, which was crafted to a Trump Bayonet but was traded later for a Trump Great Sword instead. What good does bayonet do without Flintlock... Errac quest... ewww :(. Aquarius... *look at pocket*.......O.O....>.<...... *cries*

Ania + Helena: I got them, Ania is sitting around playing chest with Ed all day long. Helena is busy shining and cleaning and mopping my quarter.. I gotta work her off.. my 30mil, she gotta learn that it ain't Free.. MUAHAHA.

Glorious had been promoted to Expert, poor thing, I forgot to take a screenie >.>. I got something awesome from Tuckerman for experting him thou :O. <3 Tucker.

No promoting pic, but this will do :D. Yay.. Congratulation to myself, woot woot. (pic was taken while Kumi, Kurai and violet are being smack around by Arsene xD).

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and we finished the Circus quest in 30min today, with just 3 people, killing everything on the way. I never thought I could do it this soon, here is team awesome! Congratulation to us :o~

And.. the site still under construction xD... I need idea... aaaaaaaaaaaa