Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm finally free, Yay!

My game is running, I'm downloading kGE client, listen to some music in the background, I haven't turn off my poor little laptop for 3days, so there's no way I'm going to go to photoshop and get some pic to post. No cute little images for you. Hah! Well I dig my flickr account a little, and found this.. random, but better than nothing. Cute little Cathy~

Anyway, I gave life the best out of me the last week or so, yesterday I finally took the bloody Ochem exam. During the whole exam, I feel like I was going to collapse anytime, I was very tired, and my body was shutting down on me. I couldn't see, everything was blurry. Well, everything have been blurry for me lately, my eyes work like some cheap webcam now, you know how you move your webcam around.. it's all blurry and when you stop, it took awhile to focus and clear out the scene.. that's kinda how my eyes are. Maybe it's time to go to the doctor check it out...

After the exam yesterday I went back and have to stay up until midnight-ish to finish some of the homework. When that finished, I think I passed out.. I remember telling everyone I was going to bed, but I could have hallucinated, who knows. Within the last 30days, I've fell asleep at the keyboard for about 20days I think, my dear roommate keep having to tell me to go to my bed and sleep when she come back every night. Oh internet obsession, what have you done to me~.

I woke up this morning feeling like I'm having a hangover, that one is unavoidable. That's a fake hang over because I was too tired to go out with friends. If I was gonna go out with them last night, I will end up with a real hangover. The crappy feeling didn't go away even after I was finished with class at around 3 o'clock. My friend was nagging me to go play volleyball with them at 4, I refused and go back to the room and crashed instead. I was smart, feeling the way I was feeling earlier, I will end up with a purple eye, some missing teeth and a broken ankle after the volleyball game. I promised them dinner at 5, so at 4:30 my phone start getting spam with text messages and phone call until I finally wake up. Dragging myself out of bed, looking pretty and start heading over for dinner.. and there was only 2 them there $(%*(#*$#$ I was told that the lovebirds decided to do something something, some friends was late, one gotta drive home early because it's about to get dark.. blah blah blah. Ah well, I see them all day everyday, not that big of a deal.

I'm still feeling a bit crappy, but thanks heaven, hell, allah, buddha, god... whoever is listening that Easter Break is now here, I'm off from school for the next 5days. I decided to stay at school, because I feel too crappy to drive home in this state. It would be sad if I die in a Texas highway... I was born believing that when I die, it will because of some awesome things like skydiving accident, bungee jumping or attempting to do the Salsa on 1000 banana peels with some hot male dancer...

For now, I'm going back to hibernation, until next time guys.



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