Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yay, school is finally over for a little while. I'm now home, and my mom have see this as an opportunity to maximize her use for me by making me doing non stop chores....BUT I would rather do her chores (which I can easily slack off and play game in the middle xD) than going to school haha. Aside from that, mom also feed me way better than school does... gosh I love cantaloupe to dead but I'm glad I no longer have to eat it for lunch (bc all the other food sux). And I won't miss the constant stomachache I have up at school for sure, I'm lactose intolerance and American cooking is just too much lactose for me to handle. Yay for Asian food!

Lately, It happen that I have to do a lot of 2-person circus, and never fail. One time thou, my poor Beautiful (the Fighter) gotta be the tank (after scout, 1dps and the tank die), seriously, she would make the worse tank ever.. I don't carry a shield, I hate 1h on her, using 84e plate and in Mighty Cruz stance xD. Any how, I survived and fulfill my purpose as the replacement tank and get a bloody Lvl 100 chips (all the other stuff got RR away..) and then there's the victory pose~. Beautiful the tank xP.

Arsene seems to like me more the more he sees me.. hm.. creepy. Nevertheless, since I started doing the Circus Raid, I've got two Elite Black Dragon Recipes.. the first one was trade off for 6 Mysterious Steel Piece and 3 Steel Recipes. The loot was then shared among the three squad members. The second was trade off for a blank EMS.. LOL YES. I tried to trade it + Vis for 2 EMSr (one for me and one for Banana), but seem like no one have 2EMSr sitting the trader happen to be some awesome person I know, so I let him have it for cheap :P.

I also spend sometime to get over with the Errac and Nar quest. It turn out that Emilia is a shank, she's not as good and innocent like everyone think she would be, pff.. that's why I always dislike her, she steal my line!!

Another reason I hate her, is that other than the screenie I took of her above, all her other quest face are always this ugly and cranky face she made. Too ugly that I don't even bother taking one... you probably notice, at some point.

One cool thing happen this week, is that, after hearing all the rumor that G1 might spawn Lvl 1 Raid boss around the colonies during Colony War, I decided to check it out and go to a random colony, sit there and see if it really happen (like it did in Illier and Bristia).. instead, out of all the colonies, I decided to sit on the one, where Ethereal and Phalanx take it all out on each other (Lago Celeste)! It's so funny, Phalanx got the colony first, and one by one Ethereal come and try to snatch it, and one by one they failed... (aww). After 10mins or so they decided to go full force (or half force? 1/4 force? there was only like 9-10 players there) and so there I am, sitting still and watch them taking each other out xD

And guess who I saw there in the flame of war...

After awhile, I've had enough, and so I ran back to town, guess who beat me to auch....

I'm starting to think it's not so much of a coincidence anymore :o!


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