Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Dance - The Invasion of the Clones

I wanted to put this on for a long time now, but there is more images than what I know to do with them and so I let the images speak for themselves. I uploaded all of it, muahaha! Valdeez, who I call Baldie started all of this. It was his idea, therefor most of the credit go to Baldie, and the rest of the credit to those who spare their precious time to make this all happened. I had a blast, thank you all. Here are the people who participated. Rosen was not there at the time but he joined us at the end.

Gertrood is Valdeez, this is his other account.

Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Hope we got to to something fun again in the soon future ;D.

Click this Link to see the screenies slideshow ^_^. Enjoy.

Valdeez - Baldie

Editing later :P

Zianni - Zinni

Zinni was a member of the chat group that I'm in. I started out calling him Zian as what his name should be, but when Bella (Beltair) quited I have to have somebody to replace my missing love for cute names, and that's where the name Zinni come from .

When I meet someone, I view each and everyone of them differently. Pits is a cute one to mess with, Master I is someone to *cough* flirt to *cough*.. such and such. Zinni is my you know, a friend, like what a friend should be. He's at my level, down to earth, closest person to me. Maybe the fact that we're the same age, same time zone, and same way to do things help haha.

Congratulation to Zinni to get his dream team Ed, Kurt and Selva. Oh, and he's also the first one to get all three of the tiger pets in the server. They are named Mirri, Paws and Roar. The one in the picture was Roar, the looter! What a naughty tiger he is, we struggle for almost 5minutes to get him facing where we wanted in the picture.

After all, Zinni is an awesome guy.

He loves to eat everything (just like me), there's nothing that he doesn't like to eat.

He even eats pit's bunnies.
( x.x)

He rather spend money than wasting his time.

He has his own trademark smilie -> o.o™

.. and for all of that, he's our one, and only Zinni™ ;D.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas time, New Year time and Events Time!!

Not counting the Typing Event for Christmas and Guess The Number Event for New Year, G1 Fynlo has been hosting some other mini event. Two days ago he host he Hide and Seek event. He was lost somewhere in King's Garden and we Pioneers gotta set out and rescue the poor Fynlo. As a nice person, I got my flash light and rope ready and set out to find him, but how can I find someone when I have no sense of direction myself :(. Oh well, at least I tried ok >.>. Fortunately, not everyone as useless as me when it come to rescuing and found the poor Fynlo soon after.

Way to go DeadCore! And for the reward, he got an AM box. I hope he get something useful out of it :D.

The next day, we have a (as I call it) Kill Them All Event. It was again, Fynlo who hosted it. We were all gathered in area that look like this

Gorgeous right, I don't know where that is but it was named Lag Land by me, and that name was gladly accepted by everyone soon after ;D. After we were there, Fynlo started to summon all kind of things that I don't know the name of. Let me google them xD.

*5minutes later..*

Okay there were a ton loads of Fallen Champions, Vladimirs, Dark Celberos, 2 Einwind, Novia, Griffin, somthing The Curse.. and ugh.. lots more. They drop their normal loots, and after they were kill, some light come up, if you kill those light, they randomly drop 1 each of chip lvl from 72-Vet. This dude right in front of me get a Veteran Chip :(!

Out of all of them, EinWind (Novia come in at second) took the longest to kill. Quiz time!!!

Which one is not belong in the group:
a) Einwind
b) Novia
c) Rich Astley - Never gonna give you up
d) None of the above.


The answer is d! Hah, because a, b and c go together! Don't trust me :O? Take a look!

Told Yah! Oh, and I spy G1-Fynlo!!! (hint: on the left.. )

And when we all thought it was over, Fynlo summoned some Huge Treasure Box that have 9.9mil HP. The first 5 boxes didn't drop anything >:(, but the last 3 dropped A LOT of chips ranging from lvl 40-100s. I was there for all of them, but somehow I only manage to pick up 1 lvl 60 chip from the bunch T__T.

Here is a shot of the treasure box:

After the Kill Them All Event, I got:

1. Lvl 100 chip x1
2. Lvl 84 chip x1
3. Lvl 80 chip x1
4. Lvl 76 chip x4
5. Lvl 72 chip x3
6. Lvl 60 chip x1
7. Baile de Guerra Ring
8. Lvl 92u Guard that give -25% from Undead

And fail to pick up things that was right in front of me:
1. Lvl 100 chips x2
2. Vetetran chips x1
3. Black Tongue Recipe x1
4. Concentration ring x1

That's all I gotta say about that. Now I gotta go back and collect more point to get my tigers <3

A Blue Moon New Year !

Hookayyzz! Before I get all exciting and start babbling about my life and game. I got something for you, for all of you that like me and think "Wth is that!?!" whenever you hear the phrase "Once every blue moon." According to wikipedia, a blue moon is " a full moon that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern. Most years have twelve full moons which occur approximately monthly, but in addition to those twelve full lunar cycles, each solar calendar year contains an excess of roughly eleven days compared to the lunar year. The extra days accumulate, so that every two or three years (on average about every 2.7154 years[1]), there is an extra full moon. The extra moon is called a 'blue moon'."

The blue moon will happen this year on New Year Eve, that's on Dec 31st. So in addition of firework, you will have a chance to watch the moon go "blue" as well. So for once, don't go to bed early ;D (*cough* pit.. *cough*...). But don't worry too much even if you miss it, it's going to happen again in about 3 years from now, or August 2012 to be exact. You will see it then, unless we are doom as soon as 2012 come around like 'somebody' have been know....*ehem*

And I can't help but steal this picture from Geekologie and put it here. Sorri xD!

Happy Mooning!!

Just to make sure, the blue moon isn't blue, it just the second full moon of the month. The moon only visibly blue if there's something on the air, like some short of smoke, from a fire or from some fog effect.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I had fun making this :D!


A Trip to Capybara Plantation

Yesterday, after some fail attempts to go to Bellem Relic, I invited some of my close friends in Granado Espada (i know i know it's Sword of the New World, but Granado Espada sound better, muahaha) to go on a Scavenger Hunt for bosses to kill. The team included Oakshire, Bankfisher (oak's bro ;D), Rosencreutz and myself. After another fail attempt to wait for all the torches to unlit in the Joaquin Torture Chamber, Rosen (or Rosie as I called him) suggested that we go and hunt the Golden Bat in Capybara Plantation. And so off to Capybara Plantation we go. It didn't take long to find the first bat. Time to start the fire and get the BBQ sauce out!

After that one, we found 2 more on that channel and 4 more on the other channel. They generously drop us (4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2) 22 Capybara keys. With all that keys, we decided to go to on further to the upper floors. Here is Oakie dropping the key to open the door to the second floor.

While we was on the second floor, we encountered more bats and the zone boss Gullfaxi (?), the boss didn't drop anything good, the best drop was a Gold Bar. The bats are more stingy on this floor too. They dropped (2 + 1 + 1) 4 keys total . While running around, we were also trying to get the 10 Mine Memo to finish the Alberta quest line.. I got all but the 8th one, and for some reason, even thought I ran back all the way from the 3rd floor to get it. It still didn't appear in my inventory after I left the plantation T_T.

Inside the second floor, there're 3 big chamber which house the three golden bat, they are big huge room.. which are perfect for housing big huge bat.. and what else.. SCREENIE!!! woot (you can't really tell how big they are from this screenie, but whatever xD!!! Oakie is the only one that join me in the shot, i think Bank and Rosie are mad at us :(!

When we are on the 3rd floor, HellBreaker was not there and there is still some 480minutes before we can summon him, so we were just running around beating up cannons for fun. We also ran into some people from Latin Hope Clan. Rosie started to talk to them in Latin, and they talked back in Latin! And Oak, Bank and I went "........! Need a dictionary!!"

After all it was a lot of fun, got me stay up until 1:30 pm! Oh oh and, the 3rd floor have surprisingly good view!! Here are the proofs !

Rosie's fighter : *hhmmm* Wonder what would happen if I fall down from here...

I love this game and it's graphic <3. Click here for the full version of the last shot!

Happy Gaming too all!! Thanks Rosie, Oakie and Bank for an awesome night. <3

Monday, December 28, 2009

The second days of Fan Hanging :'(

Have I mention that we just move into our new house? Well if I haven't, I just did Hah! As a Christmas present for my mom, my dad bought her a $1700 Montel Carlo Limited Edition Fan for the living room... wait.. SAY WHAT, $1700 fan I personally do not know who that guy is nor how good he is at making fan but that is just not right, he could have buy her a cheaper fan and then buy me a present >.>.

We just spent the last 2 days working on it. The fan is huge and make up of crystal parts and many other parts. It come with 12pages instruction manual with 4x6 pictures on every page. Our ceiling is 12 feet or approximately 5-6m tall, we even have to get a taller ladder just to reach it. With all that being said, the process of hanging it wasn't easy :(.

I was my dad assistant, running back and forth to give him stuff or take stuff down for him. This is the part in my life where I truly wish I have a brother . After all, we finished putting it up, and here is some part of it~

Here is how it look on our ceiling

Here is how it look in better quality picture xD

Some Close up detail

My favorite part gotta be that crystal ball in the middle. I absolutely LOVE everything in sphere shape or circular or you know, round in anyway.. I hate corner! (see all my image are round edge ;D), poka dot is my thing <3<3 !! But yah that I've been doing the last two day <3

PS: I'm awesome for taking the last 2 pics, I have to get my short Asian self on the ladder to take them. Sacrificing myself for art!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oakshire - Oakie

Hmm.. Oak oh Oakie. Oakie is not one of you typical gamer friend, you know, he's special in his own special way :D. I first meet Oakie in Rion Hollow, leveling my Catherine, Viki and Angie team. Being a nice person, he started to talk to me and my weird team combination. I didn't see him much the next week or so. I joined the invitation to the group chat from Master I and guess who is there. OAKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

Ever since, Oakie is my Suga Daddy, and no he's not a typical one, he doesn't gib me "fat lewt" :(. Oakie is the type that will come running when you needed him. So far, I don't remember there's time where Oakie gave me "no" as an answer.. well except that one time when I ask "Sing for me!" and the answer was "Sing!?!?! but I can't sing"... but I don't think that's a no either, is it.... :P

Oakie was there to be my meat shield... I meant to protect me when I kill my first Gerero :D. He was there when I kill my first Golden Bat. He as there for the first Swamp Angler.. when I went to Capybara 2nd + 3rd floor the first time..

He uses big words when he talk.

He got a brother that play GE with him.

Oak loves salmon for meat.
He loves potatoes as starch
... yam is his favorite vegetable :D! And he hates bread with all his mind >:3.

I wanted to send Oakie this song for Christmas, but I happen to forgot >.<. So here goes Oakie, your late present.


pitsco - pit

*smack pit* muahahaha

Out of all the friends that I have in GE, pit probably is the youngest one. I know this little girl who is 7 yrs old, but she is there because her dad make her an account just to run around, she doesn't really play the game. And so pit is still the youngest. I personally think pits is adorable <3, and I know he doesn't like that I think so MUAHAHA. But pit is pit and me is me, *smack pit for resisting my thought* . Even thought pit doesn't like my smacking, but..

>:D !?!

pit likes to talk, and hates it when the chat is quiet.
He says "I'm bored" a lot.
He makes bunnies (that Zinni likes to eat).
( o.o)
He go to sleep at 9:30pm during the week days (because I think mommy makes him ;D).
He loves "spaggiti" and hates mushroom.
He's all that but somehow...

.. girl rejected him xD!!!

(hahaha, sorry pit!! Love youuuu!)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zombie Land Adventure

Yesterday, I used an Otite Perfume, not sure how it smells like but apparently it grands me access to the land of the Baron, Los Toldos. Entering Los Toldos and you will be able to talk to the Sad Old Man (aww :( ), who will take you the Land of the Dead (or ZOmbie Land as I call it) if you give him a Mysterious Powder. If you hunt 100 Undead Soldier (zombie) for the old man, he will give you a Pure Otite , which is the ingredient for crafting Lvl. 92e. I didn't want to craft any weapon nor I have any reason to go to Zombie Land. I just go because you know.. I can. And it's a change of the mood from leveling Catherine to vet. During the hunt, I spot some of the nice view in Zombie Land. Being a big fan of photoshoot and always looking fabulous *wink* my family Sweet, Charming and Melitia became the models on the spot. Here are the shots ~

Who know Zombie Land can be so nice~ (ok ignore that lame zombie muskerteer!!)

While I was spending some of the last minutes in Zombie Land before the 24hrs limit is over. The Black*Dragon family making everyone jealous by setting a record of the most Expert Promotion at once! I think there was 14 on a row, but some say 15.. I don't really know anymore but it was awesome! I wanted to do it for awhile, but he's setting a high standard now, it might take me 5 years just to break his record :(! But anyway, GOOD JOB Black*Dragon!! I was not close to you, so here is a shot just for you <3


I ended my trip to Zombie Land with 87 Pure Otites, out of all the time I traded in, only 4 times I got 2 Pure Otites per trade. Is that unlucky or the old man just jealous with my Charming fabulousness !?


=S mean zombie :(

Friday, December 25, 2009

Where I am now in GE

I started GE in the beginning of September, it is now 4months later. I am at the point where my beginner team are now level 100 and had been promoted to Veteran. I have completed all main line of quest that you need to finish. I'm no stranger to GE anymore. However, I would not say that I am any good at GE :D. I know many people who wanted to be awesome at what you do, they want to compete to other people and to become the "pro." I am one of the one that lay back and go wherever my mood take me that day. I would do stupid things like running in to bosses that I know for a fact that I can't kill, I would do thing like spend all the money I have on costumes (oh Yes i'm obsess!! MORE COSTUME PLEASE!!!), I would go afk to hunt Pure Otite on Land of the Dead, I would upgrade 300 sword just go have one that +7 to look good on my Claires... Some of my friends are annoy by what I do (bc they think it's so stupid..), but it's my game, and I will play it how I please, and because I can, and because i,LikeNoOther ;D

Here is my Sweet, Charming and Glorious first day as Vet, in their gorgeous costumes what were given to me as a gift from Master I <3

One of my friend, Oberward - Obbie was with me that day, when I told him I wanted to go explore Katovic Snowfield, he was with me to make sure I won't get eaten by polar bear and snow wolfie. Thanks Obbie :D!


Currently listening to Skull and Crossbones, another one of the Pirates of the Caribean's soundtrack.

Imundar - Master I

Will Edit Later

This is how it all started

By the end of Ragnarok Online, when I decided I want to quit for good since college about to start again. I needed all my attention to do good in school, but as a gamer at heart, I couldn't just.. not play anything. I hang out with my friends a lot, but I was bored out of my mind when I don't. And so I started playing Granado Espada (that the original name, I play the North America version called Sword of the New WOrld), an old game I played for about a month when it still in Beta. I decided to play it again because it a game that have AFK mode, therefore it won't require much active playing, not to mention, you can also control three character at once, and THE GRAPHIC IS AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I started with my team as Scout(male.. my heal slave, that is :D), female Musketeer and Elementalist, and here they are - Glorious, Sweet and Charming:

One of my friend, also decided to play with me. Even though he quited a short time after, but it was fun while it last. Thank you Rocky, and I love you, always <3. Here is us together, the ones with the blue circle on their head are ROcky's. (no comment on what Rocky's guys doing behind my back .. ehem)

And that is how everything started!


The song that is currently playing in my background is Barbossar is HUngry one of the original Pirate of the Caribean soundtrack.

It's Christmas !

Alright we JUST move in to the new house (the one that all the door units is not in yet..) so there's A LOT have to be done. My anti-holiday parents (not really, but this year they are) decided to not celebrate Christmas:(. I know we are Asian and all, but since we are Asians who live in America in a town of ALL white people, and so there's really no Lunar New year celebration either. For the past 8 years, I normally spent my Lunar New Year in class. In my senior year of high school however, I talk my Superintendent into letting me have a special day off since it's Lunar New Year.To my surprise.. she said "YES of course you can go home, continue on the tradition!" My reaction was "Are you serious :O?" And she was!!!! SO that was my only Lunar New Year that I didn't have to sit in class.

Back to the anti-holiday spirit parents, because they weren't going to do anything so I decided to do something instead. I decided I will cook the Christmas dinner... SAY WHAT, me, COOKING??!?!?! Yah..we got a problem, I can't cook T__T...however, I can read and my google searching skill is awesome, so I found some easy recipes for BBQ baby ribs and fruity ice cream on It's a really awesome website, you can find all kind of recipes on it <3. It was scary, but it came out awesome! Here is the result (that i found on google.., but mine look just as good! Trust me :D) My mom dont know where she put the adapter for my memory card so i can't upload my own image :(

And here is the ice cream ;D!

Everything turn out perfectly. Mom make her special salad to go with it, and as Asians.. we ate everything with rice!! YES BABY!

After all, it was a good Christmas dinner :D, I woke up in the morning of the 25th with text messages filling up in my phone, all my lovely friends was sending me their love when I was asleep. Oh I love you all~

Merry Christmas to you, to me, and to all of the world <3.


I was watching the new movie Avatar as I was writing this. And sadly, there is no awesome quote found today :(.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's the beginning!

There's several reasons why I started this blog. Let list them, shall we :D

1. I've always like to read other people blog. I want to know who they are and what they're up to. Then lately I've started to think, why not be come a blogger myself! Oh such a wonderful idea~ So here I am writing this!

2. Everyday, I learn and experiment new things. I need a place that will store the memories, the kind that my brain likes to forget (yes you, brain!). I've tried to write diary before, but being me I always lose the inspiration and lose track of where all my diaries are. PLus I can type wayyyy faster than I can write anyway *wink*.

3. I need to practice my writing. I know my grammar is horrible and my creativity in writing is -4 on the scale of 0-10 (WHAT! -4 is not even on the scale :( ). And so instructive criticism is welcome <3.

4. AND because It's Christmas!!! YES.. oh wait, we, the people of the United States of America, celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. So what! I will be European today, just because I can. (ps it's actually 00:35, only been 35minutes into the 24th).

There are several things that bother me. The layout. Why is it so ugly :(. I need to learn html.. :( I need to make things look prettier. So wait up people! Have faith in me <3.

And here we go, the formal stuff ->

I, hereby promise you, that I will make this place (blog) a better place (blog). Let us celebrate the birth of iLikeNoOther as today has just started, the 24th of December, 2009.



I'm listening to Fireflies by Owl City. A calming and lovely song.

Quote of the day: (I found as a comment under this video.)

"Your psychological capacities humble the greatest computers. Your are the only, and therefore the best version of you that will ever be known-period. Accept that you are you own masterpiece in action, whatever you choose it be."

by infinityjfh
Dec 23rd, 2009