Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zianni - Zinni

Zinni was a member of the chat group that I'm in. I started out calling him Zian as what his name should be, but when Bella (Beltair) quited I have to have somebody to replace my missing love for cute names, and that's where the name Zinni come from .

When I meet someone, I view each and everyone of them differently. Pits is a cute one to mess with, Master I is someone to *cough* flirt to *cough*.. such and such. Zinni is my you know, a friend, like what a friend should be. He's at my level, down to earth, closest person to me. Maybe the fact that we're the same age, same time zone, and same way to do things help haha.

Congratulation to Zinni to get his dream team Ed, Kurt and Selva. Oh, and he's also the first one to get all three of the tiger pets in the server. They are named Mirri, Paws and Roar. The one in the picture was Roar, the looter! What a naughty tiger he is, we struggle for almost 5minutes to get him facing where we wanted in the picture.

After all, Zinni is an awesome guy.

He loves to eat everything (just like me), there's nothing that he doesn't like to eat.

He even eats pit's bunnies.
( x.x)

He rather spend money than wasting his time.

He has his own trademark smilie -> o.o™

.. and for all of that, he's our one, and only Zinni™ ;D.


Anonymous said...

:D this is so sweet hahahahahahhahhahaha

....>.> I've been looking for everyone can't get my hands on anyone....well i got anthony (kurio) and north (espinozo) but i lost al contact with the other and can;t seem to find them >.> .....anyway it made me really happy to this thank you ...


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