Sunday, December 27, 2009

pitsco - pit

*smack pit* muahahaha

Out of all the friends that I have in GE, pit probably is the youngest one. I know this little girl who is 7 yrs old, but she is there because her dad make her an account just to run around, she doesn't really play the game. And so pit is still the youngest. I personally think pits is adorable <3, and I know he doesn't like that I think so MUAHAHA. But pit is pit and me is me, *smack pit for resisting my thought* . Even thought pit doesn't like my smacking, but..

>:D !?!

pit likes to talk, and hates it when the chat is quiet.
He says "I'm bored" a lot.
He makes bunnies (that Zinni likes to eat).
( o.o)
He go to sleep at 9:30pm during the week days (because I think mommy makes him ;D).
He loves "spaggiti" and hates mushroom.
He's all that but somehow...

.. girl rejected him xD!!!

(hahaha, sorry pit!! Love youuuu!)


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