Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas !

Alright we JUST move in to the new house (the one that all the door units is not in yet..) so there's A LOT have to be done. My anti-holiday parents (not really, but this year they are) decided to not celebrate Christmas:(. I know we are Asian and all, but since we are Asians who live in America in a town of ALL white people, and so there's really no Lunar New year celebration either. For the past 8 years, I normally spent my Lunar New Year in class. In my senior year of high school however, I talk my Superintendent into letting me have a special day off since it's Lunar New Year.To my surprise.. she said "YES of course you can go home, continue on the tradition!" My reaction was "Are you serious :O?" And she was!!!! SO that was my only Lunar New Year that I didn't have to sit in class.

Back to the anti-holiday spirit parents, because they weren't going to do anything so I decided to do something instead. I decided I will cook the Christmas dinner... SAY WHAT, me, COOKING??!?!?! Yah..we got a problem, I can't cook T__T...however, I can read and my google searching skill is awesome, so I found some easy recipes for BBQ baby ribs and fruity ice cream on It's a really awesome website, you can find all kind of recipes on it <3. It was scary, but it came out awesome! Here is the result (that i found on google.., but mine look just as good! Trust me :D) My mom dont know where she put the adapter for my memory card so i can't upload my own image :(

And here is the ice cream ;D!

Everything turn out perfectly. Mom make her special salad to go with it, and as Asians.. we ate everything with rice!! YES BABY!

After all, it was a good Christmas dinner :D, I woke up in the morning of the 25th with text messages filling up in my phone, all my lovely friends was sending me their love when I was asleep. Oh I love you all~

Merry Christmas to you, to me, and to all of the world <3.


I was watching the new movie Avatar as I was writing this. And sadly, there is no awesome quote found today :(.


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