Monday, December 28, 2009

The second days of Fan Hanging :'(

Have I mention that we just move into our new house? Well if I haven't, I just did Hah! As a Christmas present for my mom, my dad bought her a $1700 Montel Carlo Limited Edition Fan for the living room... wait.. SAY WHAT, $1700 fan I personally do not know who that guy is nor how good he is at making fan but that is just not right, he could have buy her a cheaper fan and then buy me a present >.>.

We just spent the last 2 days working on it. The fan is huge and make up of crystal parts and many other parts. It come with 12pages instruction manual with 4x6 pictures on every page. Our ceiling is 12 feet or approximately 5-6m tall, we even have to get a taller ladder just to reach it. With all that being said, the process of hanging it wasn't easy :(.

I was my dad assistant, running back and forth to give him stuff or take stuff down for him. This is the part in my life where I truly wish I have a brother . After all, we finished putting it up, and here is some part of it~

Here is how it look on our ceiling

Here is how it look in better quality picture xD

Some Close up detail

My favorite part gotta be that crystal ball in the middle. I absolutely LOVE everything in sphere shape or circular or you know, round in anyway.. I hate corner! (see all my image are round edge ;D), poka dot is my thing <3<3 !! But yah that I've been doing the last two day <3

PS: I'm awesome for taking the last 2 pics, I have to get my short Asian self on the ladder to take them. Sacrificing myself for art!


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