Friday, December 25, 2009

This is how it all started

By the end of Ragnarok Online, when I decided I want to quit for good since college about to start again. I needed all my attention to do good in school, but as a gamer at heart, I couldn't just.. not play anything. I hang out with my friends a lot, but I was bored out of my mind when I don't. And so I started playing Granado Espada (that the original name, I play the North America version called Sword of the New WOrld), an old game I played for about a month when it still in Beta. I decided to play it again because it a game that have AFK mode, therefore it won't require much active playing, not to mention, you can also control three character at once, and THE GRAPHIC IS AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I started with my team as Scout(male.. my heal slave, that is :D), female Musketeer and Elementalist, and here they are - Glorious, Sweet and Charming:

One of my friend, also decided to play with me. Even though he quited a short time after, but it was fun while it last. Thank you Rocky, and I love you, always <3. Here is us together, the ones with the blue circle on their head are ROcky's. (no comment on what Rocky's guys doing behind my back .. ehem)

And that is how everything started!


The song that is currently playing in my background is Barbossar is HUngry one of the original Pirate of the Caribean soundtrack.


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