Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oakshire - Oakie

Hmm.. Oak oh Oakie. Oakie is not one of you typical gamer friend, you know, he's special in his own special way :D. I first meet Oakie in Rion Hollow, leveling my Catherine, Viki and Angie team. Being a nice person, he started to talk to me and my weird team combination. I didn't see him much the next week or so. I joined the invitation to the group chat from Master I and guess who is there. OAKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

Ever since, Oakie is my Suga Daddy, and no he's not a typical one, he doesn't gib me "fat lewt" :(. Oakie is the type that will come running when you needed him. So far, I don't remember there's time where Oakie gave me "no" as an answer.. well except that one time when I ask "Sing for me!" and the answer was "Sing!?!?! but I can't sing"... but I don't think that's a no either, is it.... :P

Oakie was there to be my meat shield... I meant to protect me when I kill my first Gerero :D. He was there when I kill my first Golden Bat. He as there for the first Swamp Angler.. when I went to Capybara 2nd + 3rd floor the first time..

He uses big words when he talk.

He got a brother that play GE with him.

Oak loves salmon for meat.
He loves potatoes as starch
... yam is his favorite vegetable :D! And he hates bread with all his mind >:3.

I wanted to send Oakie this song for Christmas, but I happen to forgot >.<. So here goes Oakie, your late present.



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