Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zombie Land Adventure

Yesterday, I used an Otite Perfume, not sure how it smells like but apparently it grands me access to the land of the Baron, Los Toldos. Entering Los Toldos and you will be able to talk to the Sad Old Man (aww :( ), who will take you the Land of the Dead (or ZOmbie Land as I call it) if you give him a Mysterious Powder. If you hunt 100 Undead Soldier (zombie) for the old man, he will give you a Pure Otite , which is the ingredient for crafting Lvl. 92e. I didn't want to craft any weapon nor I have any reason to go to Zombie Land. I just go because you know.. I can. And it's a change of the mood from leveling Catherine to vet. During the hunt, I spot some of the nice view in Zombie Land. Being a big fan of photoshoot and always looking fabulous *wink* my family Sweet, Charming and Melitia became the models on the spot. Here are the shots ~

Who know Zombie Land can be so nice~ (ok ignore that lame zombie muskerteer!!)

While I was spending some of the last minutes in Zombie Land before the 24hrs limit is over. The Black*Dragon family making everyone jealous by setting a record of the most Expert Promotion at once! I think there was 14 on a row, but some say 15.. I don't really know anymore but it was awesome! I wanted to do it for awhile, but he's setting a high standard now, it might take me 5 years just to break his record :(! But anyway, GOOD JOB Black*Dragon!! I was not close to you, so here is a shot just for you <3


I ended my trip to Zombie Land with 87 Pure Otites, out of all the time I traded in, only 4 times I got 2 Pure Otites per trade. Is that unlucky or the old man just jealous with my Charming fabulousness !?


=S mean zombie :(


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