Sunday, January 31, 2010

Internation RageQuit Day

Due to personal reason, AutumnFae had quitted the game yesterday. The server seem to be missing her, it hasn't stop crashing since early this morning. There have been around five mass disconnection, two long offline periods. One of the offline time was 4hrs long this afternoon, the other one is 2hrs and is counting. It feel kinda weird that AutumnFae quitted, because before I decided that I would come back to SotNw I've always follow her blog and it seem to me that "this game is this girl life, she's having fun doing what she does." But for every start, there must be an end. She does what she have to do.

Another person that quitting is Bloodemons, he is really /ragequited on us. Seem like the mass disconnection finally drive the man off his limit. Blood had always been one of my friends. I'm not gonna lie that he drives me nut at time, but who doesn't. I will be missing him :(! But Blood if you don't really mean it, please come back <3~

And there goes two more people who quitted this game. I personally don't know how long K2 will be able to keep their players if they keep on doing like stuff like what they have been doing.

Ey.. the game just get back up, pit and I just killed Dr Mortein and it DCed us again :(.... and again lol. Okay the login and character server is up but not the map server. Meh.. time to stop trying and go to bed, be ready for a busy day tomorrow. The last couple night is kinda boring with no bed time stories :(.. maybe I need to grow out of this habit...


Old habit die hard. After 10min of searching. I found one of my old favorite. Hope you like ;D

A little bird was flying south for the Winter. It was so cold the birdfroze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He laythere all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Morals of the story:

(1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.

(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.

(3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

Now I can go to bed happy..~~~zzz~

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seals of Ancient Warrior

First of all, here's a message for you all :P

Alser is still mean, muahahaha! >:D

Back to topic, Symbol of Ancient Warrior is a part of the Errac quest in order to make the city more "civilize" by giving Chief Hamaan 500 Elemental Jewels and 10,000 Symbol of Ancient Warrior. Symbol of Ancient Warrior is obtain from trading 50 Rhodolite Pieces to the Guard who stand next to Chief Hamaan in Errac. For every 50 Rhodolite Pieces, you get 3 symbols.

A couple days ago. The server pronounced that the ex-Chancellor - Roley had donated his 320th symbol. Out of curiosity, I did some math and found out that 320 symbols is approximately 5333 Rhodolite Pieces. With the current market rate, 3mil Vis per Rhodolite piece, that's a totally of 16,000,000,000 Vis (16bil) he has donated O__O. If it was me I will just sell them and keep the vis all for myself :3!

The other top donor that I can remember on top of my head is toledo3. He had donated around 120 symbols if I remember correctly (6bil total) and MearnsQueen with a grand total of 210 (10.5bil). There are also many other who had donated between 50-100 that I don't remember. I still wanted to say thanks to all of you who do donate! You guys are awesome!!! Although we are still far from 10,000 (I think we have 7000 more to go), we will get there one day~

The weekend update. Yay!

I've always wanted to do that, ever since I saw the Thora screenie on this website here =3. And that is Beautiful (Amalielle), I welcomed her to be the family's newest Veteran three days ago. She is the 4th character that was made when I started playing, but I never pay much attention in leveling her until I got her the Rose Camellia costume :P. Leveling her from Lvl.80 to Vet was totally painless, way easier than any other char I have ever leveled since she doesn't get kill easily by mobs. Melitia (Gracie) Plvl her from 80-90 in skeleton dungeon. At Lvl.90 she was able to solo Ancient AA all by herself and reach Veteran not too long after. She also looted a yellow rough stone while she's at it too ♥ .

Even though I was happy that I promoted her to Veteran. Not much other people did, they said if I want a damage dealer, I should have promoted Claude. If wanted good tanker/damage dealer I should have picked Romina. Why the heck did I vet my Fighter when my Ed and Calypso is level 60s and blah blah blah blah blah... meh.

Earlier this week, I also talked to G1-Almarlus, below is the conversation.

"Black and Red" is not the right answer! I asked that because he totally icanttellyou-ed my first two questions and was looking for something like "I don't suppose to discuss personal matter here." But he answered me >:(. So there goes people, G1-Armarlus favorite colors if you ever wondered.

The last few week of school hasn't been as busy as I thought it would be. I don't think maxing out all the classes is a bad idea after all. Talk about college, Zinni started his college last week, and he hasn't show up since. Knowing Zinni, he isn't the kind that would quit without saying a word. I think he's just busy with school and work. Master I, however, showed up and said his last good bye to us, he is done with GE now and is going to move on to something else. I wish him the best and hope he will stop by and visit sometime.

This week have not been a good week for me, with most the people I know started to leave this game. I missed a quiz the other day, I probably have my head in the cloud when the Prof said we would have two quizzes instead of one. My stomach had bugged me since this morning, it keep giving me some kind of sharp pain and doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon.

This week also seem like a bad week for people I know in game. Pits told me he was bored. BalR0g told me he was bored. Ash told me he was bored. Alser told me he was bored. >__< Well I can't do much, I hope you all will be unbored soon~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elementalist and the Gold Price.

First thing first.....ZOMG ELEMENTALIST HAVE A NEW COSTUME AND IT'S SEXY WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the costume she has either make her look cute and sweet or look like a total shank. This one make her look GORGEOUS . It is a bit too flowery with a lame back but hey nothing is perfect. WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And then it's the gold price confusion. Which one is the best for the dollar? I hope I would help you guys out a bit and make the charts below. As far as I know, there is 3 most common place that sell gold. GamerFirst website is the most common, then it's Target and then there is the newly added PlaySpan website. There is no link for Target because the purpose of Target Card was first introduce so that people doesn't have to use their credit card online. However, if you insist and want to search the online Target store, they do sell the $15 card (ironic..).

As you see, the one highlighted in red is the with the most gold for the dollar. The Gold selling by G1 is just a total rip off. Seriously!

For the Premium pack, once you buy it you account will receive Premium Status for 30days. Premium status give you:
  • Access to the Test Server (which I never used so I can't really tell you much)
  • It will the capacity of your Leonardo's storage to 700 slots. Once the Premium run out, your storage will go to 600/500 or 673/500 or whatever-much-item-you-got/500. You can't put more in until the amount go under 500/500.
  • Discount on additional gold that is purchase with G1 Credit. Yah, the rip off one >:(
You can only buy another Premium Pack after your previous Premium Status run out. While your Premium Service is active, the option to buy the same Package will not be available for you to purchase. However there's one that look Exacly like it, but it said GIFT. DO NOT BUY IT!!! Once you buy it, you can only GIVE it to someone else, the buyer account will not be able to activate the gift code.

So Buy This!

And DO NOT buy this!

But you know, if you ever happen to buy them on accident. I will always be happy to spend them for you ♥ *Wink*

(The Premium status do run out before 30days, because there's a little glicth. If you wanna know, find me and I will tell you how ;D.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Short little update.

I kinda have 2hrs break between my morning classes and my afternoon lab. I used the 1st 50min to each lunch, then I went on GE looking for people to talk to, but after 10min staring at my musk pwning ancient fishie with not much of a conversation going on I decided to update this instead. Zinni is finally start school this week too, the normally quiet group chat is getting even more quiet. At this time, pit is at school, so there is really no one for me to smack either. Then Oakie is probably half sleeping... Ah well..

I woke up at 4am this morning to read my book (Im the type of person that study in the morning .. the EARLY morning), having 4hrs to read 29 pages.. that's plenty of time but I was reading about how to read an IR spectrograph. I read that stuff 5 times and still have no clue how to do it. THen i read it over again and still dont know how

I probably read this in a week, and goes "what an idiot I was" but technically what I have to do is look at a swiggly line like this

.. and tell that's it's 1-butanol. HOW ON EARTH.. HOWWW

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emergency Server Maintenance

Idge blew up the server host again.. Or so I heard, but let me not talk about that, because I'm totally cool with the server going down ... (while my 80% 1days exp manual and my SA pass is RUNNING *I is going to kill somebody* *&(#Q*$()*@#)%^@$%).. hm like I said, I'm totally fine with it.

I finally made it to Errac :O. Who said it was hard, I didn't even kill a thing (everything else just kill me xD) and got through it all in less than 30min >;D!! All thanks to a special somebody who volunteered to be my Body Guard for the day <3. I'm up to the point where, I have to enter the dungeon to get the 1517 Diary for Emilia but that will have to wait because I'm not farming Ti or Te runes or the Rrodfasomething Pieces anytime soon ;D. Here are the shots of me and Mr Bodyguard ;D. Charming stayed home because she said she didn't like dirty places (Sewers), and Emilia (Lvl 40)joined the family after the warp was saved to help continue on with the quest.

I bet you guys all know that I took a lot of screenie by now, anytime and anywhere. Here is one to show you that, there is never a bad time or a bad place to take screenie. Even when your squadie is dead, one of the most wanted raid boss is standing not too far away from you, and there is a ugly fish with a huge mouth is about to bite your behind off. It's still a good time to take screenie!


That is it for now, about my school.. it's going ok. Nothing too impressive happen the first week of school anyway. All the Profs I have this semester seem nice (after I read all the comment about them on and carefully picked them out from the bunches haha). WOot.. chilling for now, serious business next week.

OH yah, due to school. I will only update my blog on every Saturday and/or Sunday from now on. I love you all <3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The last day to be free.

As the Exp Event come to an end, my Winter Break does as well. After today's maintenance the Exp buff will be gone, after today, the shadow of a hellish schedule will follow me every step of the way until May.

I manage to get all the book business sort out. I went to the post office and sent out the books that I sold. Together, I spent $350 today o.o. It's not that bad, consider two of the most expensive books, are the same two that I used last semester, that saves me $400, and I saved another $150 because one one of my friend gave me the book for free, woot!

I went on a treasure hunt with Oakie this week, he end up found the treasure box right next to me. There was a lag before the box came out, so he just ran away from it. I gotta call him back to open the box! Oak! Where is my share >;O!

I also spent some time cleaning out my inventory. I found 435 fourth place coupons, 321 third place coupons, and 12 second place coupons (<-- some body is obsess with killing water melon..). I went and exchange them and got:
  • 1x Rosa Matrimonio (blank)
  • 5x Lvl 84 chips
  • 3x Lvl 80 chips
  • 7x Lvl 76 chips
  • 50each of Piece of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.
I tried and break the Rosa Matrimonio for a Lvl92 chip. Instead I got this.

O.o..It's my first piece of +7 armor! To bad it's a normal Lvl92 and it's blank too >.<.

For leveling, the road to Expert is longer than I thought it would be. After a week long of ultra EXP buff, I only manage to get my team to vet Lvl 8, 6 ,6 >;(. Mah, too much for leveling, I need a break.

*grab Rosie and goes on vacation*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's my birthday!

That's one thing to celebrate for, or is it not. When I was 16th, my birthday wish was that I would stay 16th forever. My 17th birthday came around make me realize that birthday wishes don't come true. When my 18th birthday came, I spent the night thinking of what I've done and what happened through the years and then hug my teddy bear and cried through the night. I did know what to do, I got so old, yet I still think and act like a kid... my future, my life, I didn't know what to expect, what to become.. who am I.

At 18 years old, I was having an Early Life Crisis.

At 18 years old, I did something that would become a tradition. I stay up on the night of my birthday and write something..

I'm now no longer 18, but....

On January 15th of every year, I would remember that it's almost my birthday.

On January 16th of every year, I would lose myself to the mixed emotions and the insanity of a girl who realized that it's real that people do get older and die. And then I would stay up all night going through the pages of my life while adding in more pages.

On January 17th of every year, I brought myself back from Crazy Land, put on my best dress and my happy face to join my family and friends in the celebration of my birthday.

Am I happy that it's my birthday? Of course I am ;D

Am I emotionally unstable on the 16th? Always.. and I don't know why, it just happen.

It's now 4am, January 17th, I'm ready to face a new age, I'm ready to be a bit older than I was yesterday, and I'm ready to listen to the scolding of whom I happened to made worry/sad/piss off yesterday. And so!

From me with love <3. Rawr~
Featuring my other characters that I have other than my Sweet (musk), Charming (ele) and Glorious (scout). And yes, that is all me, 3 chars at a time, I made it happen. And that's the reason why I log in and out so much earlier >.<.

I might not know who I am then, but I know who I am now. The one and only me!




Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Leveling.. zzzz~

I'm literary falling as sleep in Fire Isle while leveling my Andre there. Ancient Area was bad, but at least there was my random piece of happiness(Skullic Treasure dude) who keep coming every now and then and give me something to do. In Fire Isle, there is nothing but starfishes and crabs.. ugh.. I hate seafood >.<

On the third days of 2nd Andre and Mia box was released. I can't resist the temptation and tried out my luck. I bought 1 Andre and 1 Mia box and was lucky enough I got the White Vent for the first Mia box, mUAHAha. Lady luck was with me, but that was about it when it came to luck. I open another 31 of Andre boxes until I get what I wanted T_T. I spent almost all the gold that suppose to be save for the month. Oh well.. money is there to spend, there's no used in saving ;D.

Out of the 31 Andre's box, I got 5 of this :

I thought it was cute :D. Will you :o?

When my last AA pass ran out, I decided not to start a new one until tomorrow. I don't want to see anymore Mudmen for the day. Forgive me, my love, but your face got boring after 3days on a row of staring at you *mooh >.<*. I wanted to level my Fabulous~ Andre instead, I need him to be Lvl84 in order to help the family craft some armor. As of now he's Lvl80 and 32%, YAY for the exp buff!

Before I head out for Fire Isle, I stopped by and visit Dios Lantem,but he was harsh on me and did this:

Dios : You can't get me nao! Rawr Rawr!
Amalielle : *close eyes and shoot*
Dios : *dies*
Dios : >:(
Amalielle : WHO IS THE BOMB NAO >:3! *loot Sandman Ring*


On the day I spammed 7000 Bellem's boxes, 21 of those are Vladimir Spinelle. I spammed them all at once on Gigante Beach... killed myself 5times before I scatter them far enough to take this screenie :P. Hope you like ;D


Andre is Lvl81 now, woot.. and I still feel very sleepy >.< ..ZzzzZzZzzzz~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A week of leveling.

I started a 50% combat manual 2days ago, and the 50% exp buff dude to the up coming release of Master started this morning, which mean for the next one week I will have 100% exp buff. I also joined Oakie's clan in order to get the Tierra 20% exp buff. That add up to 120% total. I have some Halloween Candy (+20% lvl and stance exp) and Christmas Stocking (+30% exp) left as well. I tried to stack them all together, then kinda watch the flow of the exp. They might have stacked.. but I don't think they do. I get about the same amount of exp with or without the haloween candy (no sock). I am now kinda waiting for that to run out of time and try the sock without the candy and see what happen. I think 1 of the 4 buffs I used might not stack, but they all show up on top of my character bar:

I determined to keep myself in Ancient Area for this week, gotta get as much Exp as possible before school started again. I still think I'm a mad woman for having 7 classes, 3 labs, research and work lol, but hey, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. ;D

(what does kill you make you die...)

With the release of the new Andre and Mia boxes, I really really want the White Vent costume, but WHERE THE HECK IS THE HAIR THAT SUPPOSE TO GO WITH IT...!!!!!!!!! WHERE!! I'm so disappointed I don't even wanna talk about it. It's the hair that make the different if you ask me, because the thing annoy me the most about Grace is her 10-sizes-smaller-than-her-head hat. >;(

Ignore my disappointment in the lame costumes, I went ahead and buy gold anyway. Then I notice that instead of 10,100Gold, I got 11,000Gold instead. I'm not complaining, but now I don't want what I wanna spend it on. Maybe buying 30 Andre boxes and see if I can get the bugged Exp Manual everybody is making a big deal about, we will see >;D.

Earlier today, I helped a friend did the lvl 52 clan quest for his clan, it's A LOT easier than what I thought it would be. He wrote an awesome speak for his clan notice, I wanted to put it here, but at the end he say that I can't. He totally said "that would be awesome!" yesterday.. maybe he's pmsing when I talked to him this morning.. who knows >.<.

OH and Ash finally found the Elite Wasp for me <3, the first time it disappear, which make the two of us run around the Swamp for another 10-20 minutes in the other channel to find another one. I personally kinda like the Elite Wasp, he's cute and chubby ;D.

PS: it's seem that the Witch Candy is the one that doesn't stack. I totally see an exp boost when I only use the Christmas Sock!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a Zomg day!

I don't even know where to started it, but A LOT of things happen today, friend about to move to another country, someone just gave my heart a kick *feel bad*, drama for another friend, I ate a full box of crackers.. oh wait I didn't say that. Ignore the last line!!!

But you know,for a day like this, it's always perfect to get some good laughter by watching this or this...

*and my internet dies*


Yesterday, when it was close to midnight, my internet stop working, I didn't know why. It's now 9:25 am in the morning and the internet still NOT working *is typing this in MS Word*. I am watching Good Morning America at the moment.... oh what .. ok a message just pop on the screen and tell me "There is nothing more schedule right now".... Moo *watch msnbc Good Morning show* Apparently there's a big earth quake just happen in Haiti, rated 7.0 on the Richter scale. The city is now a big ruin, the number or casualties or injured has not been determined yet. It's going to be bad, but let look at it on the bright side, at least it won't be as many casualties and injured as the one that happen in China awhile back. I wish the best to the people in Haiti right now.

And what's so great, America rescue troops are already all over Haiti for the rescue. Go America Go! I think America is a good country no matter what the rest of the world got to say. Watch this, I found it funny too, but it doesn't change anything haha. Sure there's some bad things or many bad things as some of you might say but there's no such thing as a perfect world! If there is, and you're reading this.. I think you're in the wrong planet :O!***

I was supposed to ordered my books today, so it will make it to my school by next week, but no internet, no books :S. Last semester I spent about $800 in books, hope it won't be so bad this semester *pray*

I also supposed to spent my time leveling my Vet this week, I started the 7 days 50% exp manual yesterday and it's now running without me being in the game.. NOOOOOOOOO >.<.

I supposed to called my school and ask about the extra money I supposed to be getting for the next semester.. oooo so many things to do.

Instead, i'm sitting here, sipping on my coffee, writing this while watching Factory Made (which was a renamed version of HowItMade.. why is the renaming necessary?). So far I've learned:

1. How to make quarters (US money, 25 cent worth). You know that they destroy the deformed quarters so they won't become collector items. WHY! Collecting coin is awesom!
2. How to make plastic railroad track out of recycle plastic. They have to support 10,000lbs at the center point without snapping or they have to say "Buh bai world" and get shred back to plastic pieces.
3. How to make thin crust frozen pizza. You need 600lbs of pressure to press a dough ball to a perfect thin crust :o.
4. How to make fast food drive through windows. Each drive through window in America have to open or close at least 2000times a day, so to endure all that, the wheel that used in the windows are made by the same material that use to slide air plane door for durability.
5. How glass was cut by a high pressure water spray (60,000lbs per square inch, 30,000kg per 5cm square-ish, enough force to slide through steel sheet too!) so that they have a smooth instead of sharp edges.

And much more haha, it's a marathon so it run all day, and yah I watch things like this because I am a nerd and like to know things, I like to explore cool facts! I personally hate reality TV, specially dating reality TV. I rather know stuff like.. the lead in side your pencil is not really lead. It's graphite, a form of Carbon, they first call it lead because graphite happen to look just like lead, and now it just stuck as "lead"; like they first painted the fire truck red, because red was the cheapest color at the time. Rather than, why A don't like B and sent her home instead of giving her the rose of so sad... shut up already -_-, if you're that beautiful, and that handsome (like most people in reality TV are) and you can't find your own boyfriend or girlfriend without the help of a show like that then you got a problem. Seriously!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOLY SMOKE! People from my internet provider just ring the bell door and like they're here to upgrade the internet to a faster one. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

*after 15 minutes of setting up*


*** Omg alien read my blog o.o

Monday, January 11, 2010

[Ragnarok Online] Code Name - LonlyCutie

For every start, there must be an end. At the end, it's not what you accomplished, but it's who you met and those who became a part of your life that matter.

I started playing Ragnarok Online in 2003 after I saw this screenie and after I found out that there is a marriage system in the game:

I officially quited Ragnarok Online in July 2009 due to various reasons. I was a happy quitter, I felt that I had done enough, I had accomplished enough. From the rarest gear, to the most expensive card, to the crazy amount of money and to every single headgear in the game ( I'm a proud owner of all the headgears you can imagine in RO, you name it, I had it >:3).

If you counted, that's 6 years of Ragnarok, that's 6 full years of memories, that's 6 years of getting to know the people that I will never forget.

I am here writing this, not to tell the story of what I have done, nor to list all the rare I item I got, but to leave a message to all of my friends, to leave something behind that I hope they will be happy to see, whenever they will see it.

I've played and stayed the longest in MeukRO, LunarisRO, FeelRO and EssenceRO and had spend some time in almost all the popular server out there. If you see a Knight / Priestess / High Priestess / Arch Bishop with the name LonlyCutie (no 'e'), I guarantee you, that is 1000% me. And no, I didn't spell "lonely" wrong ;P.

(Warning : to those who didn't know me when I played RO, you might want to stop here or else you will encounter six years worth of wonderful people that I've met :P. For those who did know who LonlyCutie was and don't wanna read all this, you might want to scroll down and look for your name only ;D)

Here I go:

To Tony: the one who introduced me to Ragnarok Online, thanks all the nights you spent hunting Orc Hero because I was stupid enough to break my Bao Bao for no reason. You're the best, and you always will be.

To katana (aka mam): the one who became my first husband, I will never forget how you spent all the money you got just to get me that first Poring I wanted. Our anniversary is on December 21th, the day that will make me smile whenever it come around.

To Odin (Sascah)
: the one who ran over my Oink~ Piggy. The 10 pages letter you sent me was destroyed by the flood, but it will always be in my heart. Thank you for loving me, you're still my one and only Santa in 2006 ;D.

To Nanaki: the one who tied the bond for my first marriage and the one who gave me the Divorce NPC for my birthday. I always envy you for being so smart, and no I don't hate you <3

To Fuzzy and Scrappy: the ones who made it all happened, if it wasn't for you two, I probably won't ever meet half of the people I had meet. Thank you very much.

To Angel (squishy): the one who granted my Christmas wish. I didn't believe you were following me all around as I asked you too. It was awesome of you to keep your promise to a stranger. You made my day ^_^

To Starmin (Starlon): the one who tried to keep us all together. You're one of the nicest person I've ever meet, hope things are going alright for you and they didn't screw up your college record again >.<.

To Nyu (?!) and her two friends: the one who left to go to war. I hope you three are still okay, be strong and survive. Come back to me :(.

To Agent Orange: the one who knows it all. You're one of the two person I've meet in RO that always make me goes " zomg awesome, how do you know that o.o". Good luck, have fun and I miss you, wherever you might be.

To Yrkpnayf : the one who I love. Thank you for being you, you're awesome!

To Timmeh and Sony: the ones who sent me candies. I could never have guessed that you would send me 5 packs of candy all the way from Sweden!!! YES.. I love sweet and I love you two too!!

To Pappilon: the one who shared my headgears obsession . We always have to look the best, because the two of us are Teh Two Sexiest Things that ever exist on Earth. RAWR!!

To Stumpy: the one who played the piano for me. You are the most talented person I've ever known, keep on doing what you love, and enjoy your life~

To Micheal: the one who used Stumpy's phone and called me at 3am and sing for me. I gotta say, for a bunch of drunk guys, you guys sound really good :P

To Guts, Chris and Alex: Band of Hawk are the best guild evar, evar, evar and evar more!! Pff, those people just call the GMs on us because they're not as smart as us and get their asses kicked by us. Yes, we are still THE BEST!!!

To Escateus: the who open his heart to me. You're a real challenge you know that :o? Sorry for being stupid >.<. I hope you're a happy camper now, forgive me <3

To Kakashi: the one who became my one and only 'wife'. You're not old enough to be my husband hahaha. Love you wife!! *pinch cheek*

To Juan and Juno: the ones I'm not so sure about. I don't know what kind of impression that I left but after 4years, I know that I can't think about RO without thinking of you two ^.^

To Dan: the one who happened to become my husband because of the saying "You're cute and you're lonely, meet my best man here, he's cute and lonely too." You're awesome! Sorry I do act stupid sometime, but I hope all the good time we spent together made it up a bit :S. I still want to be on your good side :D.

To Bryant: the one who didn't call be before he left for bootcamp. Jerk, 13weeks of no call, you made me think that you die off somewhere >;(. I'm glad you're all good now though!

To 'Daddy' JP : the one who lost his wife because of his daughter. I'm so sorry I didn't know your wife would hate me that much >.<, but you once told me it's all good and I will trust you that it is~

To Mai: the girl who conquered Egypt and its king. ZOMG MAI, 7 Amon Ra cards in a mid rate server, you're the bomb! You're one of the best friend I've made in RO, love yah!!!

To Dave: the one who loves to have fun. Get your degree fast and go back to Vietnam Dave, that's where you belong ;D. Give me a call when you're there and I will come flying !

To Jow Jow: the one who stay strong no matter what happen. I wish you all the best and hope your back will be fix soon. My promise to come to you one day still standing, wait for me~

To Mark : the one who took good care of me. Who would guess you would became one of my good friend because you choose to help me without ever asking for anything in return. Love you Marc.

To Matt: the one who is too cute for me >;D. For all the time we talked, I will remember. Hope you're all good and happy now, the drama is finally over!

To Ken Ken: the one who sleep at 10pm almost every day. You're one special person Ken Ken, and Thao Thao will always have a place in her heart for you~

To Kitty and Ken: the ones who loved each other. I hope things will go well and you two can be together soon. KEN, you better love Kitty more or I will sent Mush after you, yah, you heard me!

To Mushed : the one who got total resistant to my rejection. HAHAHA.. *gib Mush a hug*.. you're irreplaceable :D

To 'sis' Rain and Alex: the ones who are special to me. You're my only sis, believe it or not! I hope Alex is behaving and don't worry you so much! Good luck on your thesis, GO SIS GO!

To Het: the one with a special name. I only know you for a short time, but you see, I don't need anymore time to see your total awesomeness :P

To Reen: the one who trusted me with his feeling. Rawr~ hope everything is alright now, and that you're all happy and handsome. Let me know if you ever need someone to listen to you <3

To the Lolerei's gang: the ones who I had fun with. You guys will always be my Oracle Knights and I will always be your Oracle Duchess. I miss you all~

To Rocky: the one who defined awesome! Rocky I love you so much!! I will come to you and give you a hug one day, wait for me !!!

To Ria: the one who is too shy to make friend with us at first sight. You're one of the best girl I've ever meet in RO, and you will always be remember as one !

To Sei (Mikey): the one who also know it all. You're one of the best player I've ever meet, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have as much fun as I did in EssenceRO. I wish your job go well and you're loving it ^_^

To Justin: the one who dreamed to become a hero. You're one of the best RO friend, me and Sei are awesome but we wouldn't be able to do it without you Justin <3. The three of us = total awesomeness.

=> To Justin and Sei: I seriously don't know what I did that was so bad, the whole thing is a misunderstanding. I TRULY am sorry if it was my fault but is it really so bad that I deserve your total ignorant :(?

To Lan: the one who birthday is one day after mine. Moo Lan, moooo! You're one of my favorite person to hang out with, seriously, if I ever have a little brother, I wanted him to be JUST like you ;D

To Blurry: the young man who probably still mad at me. I hope you will grow up one day and can do all the things you wanted to do without worrying about your brothers' opinion. Thanks for spending time with me~

To Saint Massacre: the one who love to stand by the grasshoppers. Oh brother... what will I say to you O.o. Stay strong and always be sweet! The two things I love the most about you~ Oh and smile funky too *wink*

To Jack: the one who always stand by my side. You're awesome Jack, and we will always get rich together, oh yes we will! Don't you give me those "dot dot dot" of yours :o!

To Patrick: the one who gave me the inspiration to write this. I love you pat! For all the time I was slow to answer your message, it's because I'm too slow. Don't start to talk to me less, or I will hate you >;D.

And finally, to all the ones I did not mentions above, please forgive my bad memory and I for not able to call out your names >.<

To all of those who are my friends: thank you, thank you very much. If it wasn't for you all I would not be playing RO at all. The game is soulless without its people. You, the people and not the game itself that make everything awesome to me. Wherever you might be in the world, whatever you might be doing please remember, you had made a different in my life and until the end of time, I will always be thankful to you.

To all of those who were my' husbands': there are more than 25 of you :O, some of you I mentioned above, the rest of you I can remember who you are but can't think of the names to go with the faces >.<. To me, an in-game husband is a friend, in a greater extend. I've never have a romantic relationship any of my in-game husbands but I've had many and many great moments talking with each and every one of you. I've never have a husband that I regret marrying to, you guys were all awesome ;D. I hope you're all doing wonderful and enjoying your life to the fullest !!!!
To all of my enemies: seriously, isn't it time to let it all go and give each other a hug *big hug* ;D

I am, who was in Ragnarok Online by the name LonlyCutie will always love you all <3. I made this with the last bunch of screenies I had, just something to remember <3

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost time to go back to school~

I'm a college student, I hope you all know that by now :P. I major in Biochemistry and have Pre-Med as my carreer path. With those two combine, my schooling demand a lot of attention, like 99.9% of it. Most of medical school ask for 3.5 minimum out of a 4.0 GPA (grade point average), that mean half A and half B in all the class you take. So I am not only have to survive in school, I have to be awesome at it too! I've been doing good at it, but that was after a lot of hardwork and many sleepless night. As happy as I am now, will be as stress out as I will when school starts again in 2 weeks.

I just checked my school schedule, next semester will be one long and hard since I maxed out my courses.. I take as many as school allow you to take. Here is a peak of my schedule for those of you who care :P. The red part is where I have to work, sometime I work at night too, but that didn't fit in the screenshot xD. Click on it for a bigger version ;D

I think I should cancel one class or two..

Yesterday I was searching the web, and found this blog of a guy who sell accounts in Rembrandt server in sGE. I thought he just sell one account because of quitting, but I click more and I found his website here. Apparently , all of his account are lvl 40+ family and have a bunch of Master + expert + decent gear + at least 500mil in vis. The list go on and on, if you want to see what he got just check out his website. What make me laugh is this:

Yah! Seriously xD. Oh and if you note, he always have at least one Master Catherine the Summoner. At least we know how he does it too right :P

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I finally finish getting 1000points from the Old Man to be able to purchase the Tiger pets in Granado Espada *phew* .. pff that game took soooo long, I think I will keep myself out of Coimbra for the next couple weeks.

After I got the tigers, I wanted to take some screenie with Asian inspire characters. I have Soso who is Chinese, and Beak Ho who is Korean. There are 3 tigers total! Am I missing one more or is there something wrong in my math.. hmmm. Nevertheless I made a quick trips to Coimbra to finish recruiting Irawan for the screen shot. I named my Irawan - Rewat after one of my friend. Rewat is my first Thai friend. I meet Rewat when I was in Florida working for Disney World. Many thanks to him, who would take me home every time we got out of work late <3

I named my tigers Marcus,Kevin and Ridge. They were suppose to be all female... but pits say I should name it after Ridge, Kevin and Marcus .. It wasn't a bad idea after all, but they are all male name !!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I guess my cute little tigers will be male ^.^. However, they better not hump everything in the house >:O!!!!

Here are the pics I took, click on it for the bigger view ^^

OH, I thought this was funny so I put it up haha.. happened when I tried to go buy feso ;D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Free Day.

Oakie once asked:

"Did you live? Or is it death that you're enjoying?"

Well Oakie, it took me awhile to remember, but Master I once said:

"I can be dead in the land of the living, but will be living in the land of the dead, whatever path I choose.*"

And I don't know where I was going with that... so please don't ask >.<.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy days and random screen shot.

During the last 2days, my mom decided that I am better off painting the trims on the new doors we put in than playing game, therefore that what I have been doing. Painting is extremely boring.. in case you didn't know >.<. To ease my boredom while painting, I burned out the newest CD from Leona Lewis called Echo and listen to her while I'm at it. Sorry for the low-tech way, I lost my ipod touch last month, so no more iPod for me T__T. It's not so bad though, we have a speaker system running through the house so the music is loud and clear in every room :D. The CD played itself about 3times before the painting was done for the day. It was only the 1st coat.. zomg o(x.x)o

Aside from doing the painting, I also took on the cooking job.. I think my mom want to train me in cooking.. I can't cook, my food is horrible.. most of the time, and she knows it ! But as my birthday is coming up, and I am getting older.. I think she wanna train me to be a good wife, making me cook food!

Message to mom, if she ever find this blog :

Dear mom, have faith in your kid. I can do better ;D. If my guy can't cook, I will make him learn how! So please don't worry about my horrible cooking skill.

Your Daughter.

There >;D.


For about my in game life, I didn't do much yesterday since the morning + afternoon was full of trims painting. In the evening I was just run around and talk to my friends. I did the cabinet run today, I stood near the box for like 60s after it started and wondering why nothing come out.. So I figured that some one killed the mob already and I teleported to some other box. Then it hit me that I was the only one there, no mob come out bc I didn't click the box >.<.

After the cabinet run I go back and toss some of them to the storage, and I got the message saying my storage is full... zomg WHAT :(! I did a little of cleaning, and here is the result..

Still bad, but hey, it can hold 10 more things ! >:D

I took a lot of screenie when I play this game, and for some funky reason, lately, every time I press the Prt Screen button, I got at least 4 identical pictures as the result. I don't really know why, but with every picture at 2.4MB each, my screenshot folder is growing really fast. I have to go through them and delete the copies every 2-3 days or so. I did that today, and found some nice shot of my friends and I together ;D. It's a wonderful things to have friends, specially those who come and be by your side even when you're not looking, like this one, I found him sitting next to my Soso after I came back from afking:

Those will do funky things with you when you ask them to

Those who would die at your feet

Those who are with you even when you're playing with fire

Those who helped you kill Swamp Angler when you're unable to do so

and even those who ignore you totally ignore you when you gave him a hug *cough*.

There goes, my wonderful friends. I know people, who I talk to.. but it always through pm.. gotta stalk them and make them take screenie with me later >:3.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometime you just know when to call it quit.

You go through life, you meet the people you meet. They started out as nobody, then later Nobody become your friend, Nobody can also become your enemy, your lover or they just stay as Nobody. Sometime, I feel this urge to make Nobody my friend, because I am who I am, I want to make friends with people.

In real life, and I'm a very confident, okay looking, friendly person and some other thing that get me through life with not much trouble in the friend making category. As a gamer girl, people normally question my gender. They normally think I'm a guy who wanted to be their friend to get free stuff. I always wonder why, why do you have to doubt people? Giving other people free stuff or not, isn't that your own choice? I mean, if you have a little brother and he asked you for $5 to buy ice cream, you gave him $5 then later telling Mom that it's your brother fault that you don't have your $5 anymore?

Here is a typical convo:

A: >.<
B: What wrong dude?
A: I gave this girl +7 gears, now it turn out that she is a guy.
B: What a gay ass.
A: Yah..

ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (<- alarm sound effect). Wrong! It should go like this:

A: >.<
B: What wrong dude?
A: I gave this girl +7 gears, now it turn out that she is a guy.
B: *smack A* be smarter next time!
A: Yah..

Oh well, like that would happen.

As for my online adventure goes, I have many friends, for whom I am very thankful to, they're the one who make many days and months of sitting on the chair and staring at the computer screen worthed, they are the one who sometime shared my up and down moments; those who trust me and welcome me as their friend. But this whole thing is not about them, it's about the people who I'd fail to make friend to.

Beside all my friend, sometime I meet random people in game and they turn out to be soo cool, like awesomely cool and you know, I wanted to get to know them, to see how they're like..and to be their friend. Don't get me wrong, most of them aren't the best on the server, they're not necessary good at anything, most of the time, they just simply give me a good impression. And so I come to them, being as nice as I can be, as cute as possible, as honest as necessary.. but often enough, I fail, like fail fail fail fail. Fail so bad that when my dog looks at me and I can see the word "Fail" sparkling in his eyes.

Why am I talking about it again, oh yah, because something like this just happen to me recently. There is this special somebody, I would like it to be his friend but you know.. I failed.

And so I call it quit, stop trying so hard.. maybe sometime it just weren't mean to be.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nothing is perfect, specially not 'Sword of The New World.'

As you see I called the problem Sword of the New WOrld's problem. I didn't want to say K2 or G1, because seriously, when you do business, you don't want it to go wrong. They did what they have to do, if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. I didn't call it Granado Espada's problem, because no other server run to as many troubles as we do .

The last couple days in game were just full of bugs for me. I wanted to purchase the tiger pets. I had prepared my heart and soul to spend 1.2mil feso (about 100mil vis) for the pets. I've prepared my fingers and brain to spend more than enough time on the guessing number game. However, I didn't prepare my heart, soul, brain nor fingers to get the bug and get lock out from playing the event game :(!

For those of you who don't know the game. Ashardalon did a really good job explaining how to play the game there, I will just let you read it, and not bother explaining :P. To win the game, you have to guess the predetermined number right, and you have about 40 chances to guess it right. An average person can get it right after 5-7 tries, but if you're pro like me, and guess it out the first time! Then you're out of luck >.<. If you guessed the number right on your first try, 3 things will happen:

1. The npc will NOT give you the prize.
2. Your game will freeze until you close it out forcefully.
3. You're lock out of Port of Coimbra channel 1 until the problem is fix :(.

As of now, the problem is not yet fix and there is MORE problems! About an hour ago, 10pm central time, everybody was kicked out of the server. When everybody logged back, Squad chat, Clan chat, Group chat, broadcast.. as far as way of communication concern, they were all disable. You could not use any warp, even changing channel is impossible without going back to the quarter (barrack). The first thing that come to mind was "THIS IS MISERABLE! If I can't talk, what else can I do in this game... " I was just going to log off for the night but I wanted to see what other people up too. I ran around a bit and find Zinni, I never feel happier to see Zinni b4 :(

Together with Zinni, we went around town to check things out. Some people were just confuse and stress :

Some decide to have a riot and take it out on the one who they hate the most, the first one to be BBQ was the Enchantment Girl..

The Market Manager and Vincent were next on the revenging list.

I leave the rioting for the guys after the last screenie. I started to head back to the top of the town and hang out a bit before I decided that there is nothing we can do right now. It's new year night and nobody is going to even bother fixing the bugs. And so I log off an started to write this. Let hope it will be fix as soon as possible so we can be happy gaming again. WoooT!