Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Leveling.. zzzz~

I'm literary falling as sleep in Fire Isle while leveling my Andre there. Ancient Area was bad, but at least there was my random piece of happiness(Skullic Treasure dude) who keep coming every now and then and give me something to do. In Fire Isle, there is nothing but starfishes and crabs.. ugh.. I hate seafood >.<

On the third days of 2nd Andre and Mia box was released. I can't resist the temptation and tried out my luck. I bought 1 Andre and 1 Mia box and was lucky enough I got the White Vent for the first Mia box, mUAHAha. Lady luck was with me, but that was about it when it came to luck. I open another 31 of Andre boxes until I get what I wanted T_T. I spent almost all the gold that suppose to be save for the month. Oh well.. money is there to spend, there's no used in saving ;D.

Out of the 31 Andre's box, I got 5 of this :

I thought it was cute :D. Will you :o?

When my last AA pass ran out, I decided not to start a new one until tomorrow. I don't want to see anymore Mudmen for the day. Forgive me, my love, but your face got boring after 3days on a row of staring at you *mooh >.<*. I wanted to level my Fabulous~ Andre instead, I need him to be Lvl84 in order to help the family craft some armor. As of now he's Lvl80 and 32%, YAY for the exp buff!

Before I head out for Fire Isle, I stopped by and visit Dios Lantem,but he was harsh on me and did this:

Dios : You can't get me nao! Rawr Rawr!
Amalielle : *close eyes and shoot*
Dios : *dies*
Dios : >:(
Amalielle : WHO IS THE BOMB NAO >:3! *loot Sandman Ring*


On the day I spammed 7000 Bellem's boxes, 21 of those are Vladimir Spinelle. I spammed them all at once on Gigante Beach... killed myself 5times before I scatter them far enough to take this screenie :P. Hope you like ;D


Andre is Lvl81 now, woot.. and I still feel very sleepy >.< ..ZzzzZzZzzzz~


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