Monday, January 11, 2010

[Ragnarok Online] Code Name - LonlyCutie

For every start, there must be an end. At the end, it's not what you accomplished, but it's who you met and those who became a part of your life that matter.

I started playing Ragnarok Online in 2003 after I saw this screenie and after I found out that there is a marriage system in the game:

I officially quited Ragnarok Online in July 2009 due to various reasons. I was a happy quitter, I felt that I had done enough, I had accomplished enough. From the rarest gear, to the most expensive card, to the crazy amount of money and to every single headgear in the game ( I'm a proud owner of all the headgears you can imagine in RO, you name it, I had it >:3).

If you counted, that's 6 years of Ragnarok, that's 6 full years of memories, that's 6 years of getting to know the people that I will never forget.

I am here writing this, not to tell the story of what I have done, nor to list all the rare I item I got, but to leave a message to all of my friends, to leave something behind that I hope they will be happy to see, whenever they will see it.

I've played and stayed the longest in MeukRO, LunarisRO, FeelRO and EssenceRO and had spend some time in almost all the popular server out there. If you see a Knight / Priestess / High Priestess / Arch Bishop with the name LonlyCutie (no 'e'), I guarantee you, that is 1000% me. And no, I didn't spell "lonely" wrong ;P.

(Warning : to those who didn't know me when I played RO, you might want to stop here or else you will encounter six years worth of wonderful people that I've met :P. For those who did know who LonlyCutie was and don't wanna read all this, you might want to scroll down and look for your name only ;D)

Here I go:

To Tony: the one who introduced me to Ragnarok Online, thanks all the nights you spent hunting Orc Hero because I was stupid enough to break my Bao Bao for no reason. You're the best, and you always will be.

To katana (aka mam): the one who became my first husband, I will never forget how you spent all the money you got just to get me that first Poring I wanted. Our anniversary is on December 21th, the day that will make me smile whenever it come around.

To Odin (Sascah)
: the one who ran over my Oink~ Piggy. The 10 pages letter you sent me was destroyed by the flood, but it will always be in my heart. Thank you for loving me, you're still my one and only Santa in 2006 ;D.

To Nanaki: the one who tied the bond for my first marriage and the one who gave me the Divorce NPC for my birthday. I always envy you for being so smart, and no I don't hate you <3

To Fuzzy and Scrappy: the ones who made it all happened, if it wasn't for you two, I probably won't ever meet half of the people I had meet. Thank you very much.

To Angel (squishy): the one who granted my Christmas wish. I didn't believe you were following me all around as I asked you too. It was awesome of you to keep your promise to a stranger. You made my day ^_^

To Starmin (Starlon): the one who tried to keep us all together. You're one of the nicest person I've ever meet, hope things are going alright for you and they didn't screw up your college record again >.<.

To Nyu (?!) and her two friends: the one who left to go to war. I hope you three are still okay, be strong and survive. Come back to me :(.

To Agent Orange: the one who knows it all. You're one of the two person I've meet in RO that always make me goes " zomg awesome, how do you know that o.o". Good luck, have fun and I miss you, wherever you might be.

To Yrkpnayf : the one who I love. Thank you for being you, you're awesome!

To Timmeh and Sony: the ones who sent me candies. I could never have guessed that you would send me 5 packs of candy all the way from Sweden!!! YES.. I love sweet and I love you two too!!

To Pappilon: the one who shared my headgears obsession . We always have to look the best, because the two of us are Teh Two Sexiest Things that ever exist on Earth. RAWR!!

To Stumpy: the one who played the piano for me. You are the most talented person I've ever known, keep on doing what you love, and enjoy your life~

To Micheal: the one who used Stumpy's phone and called me at 3am and sing for me. I gotta say, for a bunch of drunk guys, you guys sound really good :P

To Guts, Chris and Alex: Band of Hawk are the best guild evar, evar, evar and evar more!! Pff, those people just call the GMs on us because they're not as smart as us and get their asses kicked by us. Yes, we are still THE BEST!!!

To Escateus: the who open his heart to me. You're a real challenge you know that :o? Sorry for being stupid >.<. I hope you're a happy camper now, forgive me <3

To Kakashi: the one who became my one and only 'wife'. You're not old enough to be my husband hahaha. Love you wife!! *pinch cheek*

To Juan and Juno: the ones I'm not so sure about. I don't know what kind of impression that I left but after 4years, I know that I can't think about RO without thinking of you two ^.^

To Dan: the one who happened to become my husband because of the saying "You're cute and you're lonely, meet my best man here, he's cute and lonely too." You're awesome! Sorry I do act stupid sometime, but I hope all the good time we spent together made it up a bit :S. I still want to be on your good side :D.

To Bryant: the one who didn't call be before he left for bootcamp. Jerk, 13weeks of no call, you made me think that you die off somewhere >;(. I'm glad you're all good now though!

To 'Daddy' JP : the one who lost his wife because of his daughter. I'm so sorry I didn't know your wife would hate me that much >.<, but you once told me it's all good and I will trust you that it is~

To Mai: the girl who conquered Egypt and its king. ZOMG MAI, 7 Amon Ra cards in a mid rate server, you're the bomb! You're one of the best friend I've made in RO, love yah!!!

To Dave: the one who loves to have fun. Get your degree fast and go back to Vietnam Dave, that's where you belong ;D. Give me a call when you're there and I will come flying !

To Jow Jow: the one who stay strong no matter what happen. I wish you all the best and hope your back will be fix soon. My promise to come to you one day still standing, wait for me~

To Mark : the one who took good care of me. Who would guess you would became one of my good friend because you choose to help me without ever asking for anything in return. Love you Marc.

To Matt: the one who is too cute for me >;D. For all the time we talked, I will remember. Hope you're all good and happy now, the drama is finally over!

To Ken Ken: the one who sleep at 10pm almost every day. You're one special person Ken Ken, and Thao Thao will always have a place in her heart for you~

To Kitty and Ken: the ones who loved each other. I hope things will go well and you two can be together soon. KEN, you better love Kitty more or I will sent Mush after you, yah, you heard me!

To Mushed : the one who got total resistant to my rejection. HAHAHA.. *gib Mush a hug*.. you're irreplaceable :D

To 'sis' Rain and Alex: the ones who are special to me. You're my only sis, believe it or not! I hope Alex is behaving and don't worry you so much! Good luck on your thesis, GO SIS GO!

To Het: the one with a special name. I only know you for a short time, but you see, I don't need anymore time to see your total awesomeness :P

To Reen: the one who trusted me with his feeling. Rawr~ hope everything is alright now, and that you're all happy and handsome. Let me know if you ever need someone to listen to you <3

To the Lolerei's gang: the ones who I had fun with. You guys will always be my Oracle Knights and I will always be your Oracle Duchess. I miss you all~

To Rocky: the one who defined awesome! Rocky I love you so much!! I will come to you and give you a hug one day, wait for me !!!

To Ria: the one who is too shy to make friend with us at first sight. You're one of the best girl I've ever meet in RO, and you will always be remember as one !

To Sei (Mikey): the one who also know it all. You're one of the best player I've ever meet, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have as much fun as I did in EssenceRO. I wish your job go well and you're loving it ^_^

To Justin: the one who dreamed to become a hero. You're one of the best RO friend, me and Sei are awesome but we wouldn't be able to do it without you Justin <3. The three of us = total awesomeness.

=> To Justin and Sei: I seriously don't know what I did that was so bad, the whole thing is a misunderstanding. I TRULY am sorry if it was my fault but is it really so bad that I deserve your total ignorant :(?

To Lan: the one who birthday is one day after mine. Moo Lan, moooo! You're one of my favorite person to hang out with, seriously, if I ever have a little brother, I wanted him to be JUST like you ;D

To Blurry: the young man who probably still mad at me. I hope you will grow up one day and can do all the things you wanted to do without worrying about your brothers' opinion. Thanks for spending time with me~

To Saint Massacre: the one who love to stand by the grasshoppers. Oh brother... what will I say to you O.o. Stay strong and always be sweet! The two things I love the most about you~ Oh and smile funky too *wink*

To Jack: the one who always stand by my side. You're awesome Jack, and we will always get rich together, oh yes we will! Don't you give me those "dot dot dot" of yours :o!

To Patrick: the one who gave me the inspiration to write this. I love you pat! For all the time I was slow to answer your message, it's because I'm too slow. Don't start to talk to me less, or I will hate you >;D.

And finally, to all the ones I did not mentions above, please forgive my bad memory and I for not able to call out your names >.<

To all of those who are my friends: thank you, thank you very much. If it wasn't for you all I would not be playing RO at all. The game is soulless without its people. You, the people and not the game itself that make everything awesome to me. Wherever you might be in the world, whatever you might be doing please remember, you had made a different in my life and until the end of time, I will always be thankful to you.

To all of those who were my' husbands': there are more than 25 of you :O, some of you I mentioned above, the rest of you I can remember who you are but can't think of the names to go with the faces >.<. To me, an in-game husband is a friend, in a greater extend. I've never have a romantic relationship any of my in-game husbands but I've had many and many great moments talking with each and every one of you. I've never have a husband that I regret marrying to, you guys were all awesome ;D. I hope you're all doing wonderful and enjoying your life to the fullest !!!!
To all of my enemies: seriously, isn't it time to let it all go and give each other a hug *big hug* ;D

I am, who was in Ragnarok Online by the name LonlyCutie will always love you all <3. I made this with the last bunch of screenies I had, just something to remember <3


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