Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost time to go back to school~

I'm a college student, I hope you all know that by now :P. I major in Biochemistry and have Pre-Med as my carreer path. With those two combine, my schooling demand a lot of attention, like 99.9% of it. Most of medical school ask for 3.5 minimum out of a 4.0 GPA (grade point average), that mean half A and half B in all the class you take. So I am not only have to survive in school, I have to be awesome at it too! I've been doing good at it, but that was after a lot of hardwork and many sleepless night. As happy as I am now, will be as stress out as I will when school starts again in 2 weeks.

I just checked my school schedule, next semester will be one long and hard since I maxed out my courses.. I take as many as school allow you to take. Here is a peak of my schedule for those of you who care :P. The red part is where I have to work, sometime I work at night too, but that didn't fit in the screenshot xD. Click on it for a bigger version ;D

I think I should cancel one class or two..

Yesterday I was searching the web, and found this blog of a guy who sell accounts in Rembrandt server in sGE. I thought he just sell one account because of quitting, but I click more and I found his website here. Apparently , all of his account are lvl 40+ family and have a bunch of Master + expert + decent gear + at least 500mil in vis. The list go on and on, if you want to see what he got just check out his website. What make me laugh is this:

Yah! Seriously xD. Oh and if you note, he always have at least one Master Catherine the Summoner. At least we know how he does it too right :P


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