Thursday, January 7, 2010


I finally finish getting 1000points from the Old Man to be able to purchase the Tiger pets in Granado Espada *phew* .. pff that game took soooo long, I think I will keep myself out of Coimbra for the next couple weeks.

After I got the tigers, I wanted to take some screenie with Asian inspire characters. I have Soso who is Chinese, and Beak Ho who is Korean. There are 3 tigers total! Am I missing one more or is there something wrong in my math.. hmmm. Nevertheless I made a quick trips to Coimbra to finish recruiting Irawan for the screen shot. I named my Irawan - Rewat after one of my friend. Rewat is my first Thai friend. I meet Rewat when I was in Florida working for Disney World. Many thanks to him, who would take me home every time we got out of work late <3

I named my tigers Marcus,Kevin and Ridge. They were suppose to be all female... but pits say I should name it after Ridge, Kevin and Marcus .. It wasn't a bad idea after all, but they are all male name !!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I guess my cute little tigers will be male ^.^. However, they better not hump everything in the house >:O!!!!

Here are the pics I took, click on it for the bigger view ^^

OH, I thought this was funny so I put it up haha.. happened when I tried to go buy feso ;D


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