Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometime you just know when to call it quit.

You go through life, you meet the people you meet. They started out as nobody, then later Nobody become your friend, Nobody can also become your enemy, your lover or they just stay as Nobody. Sometime, I feel this urge to make Nobody my friend, because I am who I am, I want to make friends with people.

In real life, and I'm a very confident, okay looking, friendly person and some other thing that get me through life with not much trouble in the friend making category. As a gamer girl, people normally question my gender. They normally think I'm a guy who wanted to be their friend to get free stuff. I always wonder why, why do you have to doubt people? Giving other people free stuff or not, isn't that your own choice? I mean, if you have a little brother and he asked you for $5 to buy ice cream, you gave him $5 then later telling Mom that it's your brother fault that you don't have your $5 anymore?

Here is a typical convo:

A: >.<
B: What wrong dude?
A: I gave this girl +7 gears, now it turn out that she is a guy.
B: What a gay ass.
A: Yah..

ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (<- alarm sound effect). Wrong! It should go like this:

A: >.<
B: What wrong dude?
A: I gave this girl +7 gears, now it turn out that she is a guy.
B: *smack A* be smarter next time!
A: Yah..

Oh well, like that would happen.

As for my online adventure goes, I have many friends, for whom I am very thankful to, they're the one who make many days and months of sitting on the chair and staring at the computer screen worthed, they are the one who sometime shared my up and down moments; those who trust me and welcome me as their friend. But this whole thing is not about them, it's about the people who I'd fail to make friend to.

Beside all my friend, sometime I meet random people in game and they turn out to be soo cool, like awesomely cool and you know, I wanted to get to know them, to see how they're like..and to be their friend. Don't get me wrong, most of them aren't the best on the server, they're not necessary good at anything, most of the time, they just simply give me a good impression. And so I come to them, being as nice as I can be, as cute as possible, as honest as necessary.. but often enough, I fail, like fail fail fail fail. Fail so bad that when my dog looks at me and I can see the word "Fail" sparkling in his eyes.

Why am I talking about it again, oh yah, because something like this just happen to me recently. There is this special somebody, I would like it to be his friend but you know.. I failed.

And so I call it quit, stop trying so hard.. maybe sometime it just weren't mean to be.


Ashardalon said...

I know some players who got scammed by Guy-In-Real-Life, usually due to borrowed items not returned, or shared password then account got raided. The problem seems to occur mainly because they went out of their way to impress the (perceived) opposite sex. It probably won't have happened, if they treated everyone equally regardless of gender. It's a shame, really.

Your dog sounds impressive. O.O

Nice screenshot, by the way.

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