Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a Zomg day!

I don't even know where to started it, but A LOT of things happen today, friend about to move to another country, someone just gave my heart a kick *feel bad*, drama for another friend, I ate a full box of crackers.. oh wait I didn't say that. Ignore the last line!!!

But you know,for a day like this, it's always perfect to get some good laughter by watching this or this...

*and my internet dies*


Yesterday, when it was close to midnight, my internet stop working, I didn't know why. It's now 9:25 am in the morning and the internet still NOT working *is typing this in MS Word*. I am watching Good Morning America at the moment.... oh what .. ok a message just pop on the screen and tell me "There is nothing more schedule right now".... Moo *watch msnbc Good Morning show* Apparently there's a big earth quake just happen in Haiti, rated 7.0 on the Richter scale. The city is now a big ruin, the number or casualties or injured has not been determined yet. It's going to be bad, but let look at it on the bright side, at least it won't be as many casualties and injured as the one that happen in China awhile back. I wish the best to the people in Haiti right now.

And what's so great, America rescue troops are already all over Haiti for the rescue. Go America Go! I think America is a good country no matter what the rest of the world got to say. Watch this, I found it funny too, but it doesn't change anything haha. Sure there's some bad things or many bad things as some of you might say but there's no such thing as a perfect world! If there is, and you're reading this.. I think you're in the wrong planet :O!***

I was supposed to ordered my books today, so it will make it to my school by next week, but no internet, no books :S. Last semester I spent about $800 in books, hope it won't be so bad this semester *pray*

I also supposed to spent my time leveling my Vet this week, I started the 7 days 50% exp manual yesterday and it's now running without me being in the game.. NOOOOOOOOO >.<.

I supposed to called my school and ask about the extra money I supposed to be getting for the next semester.. oooo so many things to do.

Instead, i'm sitting here, sipping on my coffee, writing this while watching Factory Made (which was a renamed version of HowItMade.. why is the renaming necessary?). So far I've learned:

1. How to make quarters (US money, 25 cent worth). You know that they destroy the deformed quarters so they won't become collector items. WHY! Collecting coin is awesom!
2. How to make plastic railroad track out of recycle plastic. They have to support 10,000lbs at the center point without snapping or they have to say "Buh bai world" and get shred back to plastic pieces.
3. How to make thin crust frozen pizza. You need 600lbs of pressure to press a dough ball to a perfect thin crust :o.
4. How to make fast food drive through windows. Each drive through window in America have to open or close at least 2000times a day, so to endure all that, the wheel that used in the windows are made by the same material that use to slide air plane door for durability.
5. How glass was cut by a high pressure water spray (60,000lbs per square inch, 30,000kg per 5cm square-ish, enough force to slide through steel sheet too!) so that they have a smooth instead of sharp edges.

And much more haha, it's a marathon so it run all day, and yah I watch things like this because I am a nerd and like to know things, I like to explore cool facts! I personally hate reality TV, specially dating reality TV. I rather know stuff like.. the lead in side your pencil is not really lead. It's graphite, a form of Carbon, they first call it lead because graphite happen to look just like lead, and now it just stuck as "lead"; like they first painted the fire truck red, because red was the cheapest color at the time. Rather than, why A don't like B and sent her home instead of giving her the rose of so sad... shut up already -_-, if you're that beautiful, and that handsome (like most people in reality TV are) and you can't find your own boyfriend or girlfriend without the help of a show like that then you got a problem. Seriously!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOLY SMOKE! People from my internet provider just ring the bell door and like they're here to upgrade the internet to a faster one. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

*after 15 minutes of setting up*


*** Omg alien read my blog o.o


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