Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The last day to be free.

As the Exp Event come to an end, my Winter Break does as well. After today's maintenance the Exp buff will be gone, after today, the shadow of a hellish schedule will follow me every step of the way until May.

I manage to get all the book business sort out. I went to the post office and sent out the books that I sold. Together, I spent $350 today o.o. It's not that bad, consider two of the most expensive books, are the same two that I used last semester, that saves me $400, and I saved another $150 because one one of my friend gave me the book for free, woot!

I went on a treasure hunt with Oakie this week, he end up found the treasure box right next to me. There was a lag before the box came out, so he just ran away from it. I gotta call him back to open the box! Oak! Where is my share >;O!

I also spent some time cleaning out my inventory. I found 435 fourth place coupons, 321 third place coupons, and 12 second place coupons (<-- some body is obsess with killing water melon..). I went and exchange them and got:
  • 1x Rosa Matrimonio (blank)
  • 5x Lvl 84 chips
  • 3x Lvl 80 chips
  • 7x Lvl 76 chips
  • 50each of Piece of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.
I tried and break the Rosa Matrimonio for a Lvl92 chip. Instead I got this.

O.o..It's my first piece of +7 armor! To bad it's a normal Lvl92 and it's blank too >.<.

For leveling, the road to Expert is longer than I thought it would be. After a week long of ultra EXP buff, I only manage to get my team to vet Lvl 8, 6 ,6 >;(. Mah, too much for leveling, I need a break.

*grab Rosie and goes on vacation*


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