Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seals of Ancient Warrior

First of all, here's a message for you all :P

Alser is still mean, muahahaha! >:D

Back to topic, Symbol of Ancient Warrior is a part of the Errac quest in order to make the city more "civilize" by giving Chief Hamaan 500 Elemental Jewels and 10,000 Symbol of Ancient Warrior. Symbol of Ancient Warrior is obtain from trading 50 Rhodolite Pieces to the Guard who stand next to Chief Hamaan in Errac. For every 50 Rhodolite Pieces, you get 3 symbols.

A couple days ago. The server pronounced that the ex-Chancellor - Roley had donated his 320th symbol. Out of curiosity, I did some math and found out that 320 symbols is approximately 5333 Rhodolite Pieces. With the current market rate, 3mil Vis per Rhodolite piece, that's a totally of 16,000,000,000 Vis (16bil) he has donated O__O. If it was me I will just sell them and keep the vis all for myself :3!

The other top donor that I can remember on top of my head is toledo3. He had donated around 120 symbols if I remember correctly (6bil total) and MearnsQueen with a grand total of 210 (10.5bil). There are also many other who had donated between 50-100 that I don't remember. I still wanted to say thanks to all of you who do donate! You guys are awesome!!! Although we are still far from 10,000 (I think we have 7000 more to go), we will get there one day~


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