Saturday, January 30, 2010

The weekend update. Yay!

I've always wanted to do that, ever since I saw the Thora screenie on this website here =3. And that is Beautiful (Amalielle), I welcomed her to be the family's newest Veteran three days ago. She is the 4th character that was made when I started playing, but I never pay much attention in leveling her until I got her the Rose Camellia costume :P. Leveling her from Lvl.80 to Vet was totally painless, way easier than any other char I have ever leveled since she doesn't get kill easily by mobs. Melitia (Gracie) Plvl her from 80-90 in skeleton dungeon. At Lvl.90 she was able to solo Ancient AA all by herself and reach Veteran not too long after. She also looted a yellow rough stone while she's at it too ♥ .

Even though I was happy that I promoted her to Veteran. Not much other people did, they said if I want a damage dealer, I should have promoted Claude. If wanted good tanker/damage dealer I should have picked Romina. Why the heck did I vet my Fighter when my Ed and Calypso is level 60s and blah blah blah blah blah... meh.

Earlier this week, I also talked to G1-Almarlus, below is the conversation.

"Black and Red" is not the right answer! I asked that because he totally icanttellyou-ed my first two questions and was looking for something like "I don't suppose to discuss personal matter here." But he answered me >:(. So there goes people, G1-Armarlus favorite colors if you ever wondered.

The last few week of school hasn't been as busy as I thought it would be. I don't think maxing out all the classes is a bad idea after all. Talk about college, Zinni started his college last week, and he hasn't show up since. Knowing Zinni, he isn't the kind that would quit without saying a word. I think he's just busy with school and work. Master I, however, showed up and said his last good bye to us, he is done with GE now and is going to move on to something else. I wish him the best and hope he will stop by and visit sometime.

This week have not been a good week for me, with most the people I know started to leave this game. I missed a quiz the other day, I probably have my head in the cloud when the Prof said we would have two quizzes instead of one. My stomach had bugged me since this morning, it keep giving me some kind of sharp pain and doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon.

This week also seem like a bad week for people I know in game. Pits told me he was bored. BalR0g told me he was bored. Ash told me he was bored. Alser told me he was bored. >__< Well I can't do much, I hope you all will be unbored soon~


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