Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emergency Server Maintenance

Idge blew up the server host again.. Or so I heard, but let me not talk about that, because I'm totally cool with the server going down ... (while my 80% 1days exp manual and my SA pass is RUNNING *I is going to kill somebody* *&(#Q*$()*@#)%^@$%).. hm like I said, I'm totally fine with it.

I finally made it to Errac :O. Who said it was hard, I didn't even kill a thing (everything else just kill me xD) and got through it all in less than 30min >;D!! All thanks to a special somebody who volunteered to be my Body Guard for the day <3. I'm up to the point where, I have to enter the dungeon to get the 1517 Diary for Emilia but that will have to wait because I'm not farming Ti or Te runes or the Rrodfasomething Pieces anytime soon ;D. Here are the shots of me and Mr Bodyguard ;D. Charming stayed home because she said she didn't like dirty places (Sewers), and Emilia (Lvl 40)joined the family after the warp was saved to help continue on with the quest.

I bet you guys all know that I took a lot of screenie by now, anytime and anywhere. Here is one to show you that, there is never a bad time or a bad place to take screenie. Even when your squadie is dead, one of the most wanted raid boss is standing not too far away from you, and there is a ugly fish with a huge mouth is about to bite your behind off. It's still a good time to take screenie!


That is it for now, about my school.. it's going ok. Nothing too impressive happen the first week of school anyway. All the Profs I have this semester seem nice (after I read all the comment about them on and carefully picked them out from the bunches haha). WOot.. chilling for now, serious business next week.

OH yah, due to school. I will only update my blog on every Saturday and/or Sunday from now on. I love you all <3


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