Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy days and random screen shot.

During the last 2days, my mom decided that I am better off painting the trims on the new doors we put in than playing game, therefore that what I have been doing. Painting is extremely boring.. in case you didn't know >.<. To ease my boredom while painting, I burned out the newest CD from Leona Lewis called Echo and listen to her while I'm at it. Sorry for the low-tech way, I lost my ipod touch last month, so no more iPod for me T__T. It's not so bad though, we have a speaker system running through the house so the music is loud and clear in every room :D. The CD played itself about 3times before the painting was done for the day. It was only the 1st coat.. zomg o(x.x)o

Aside from doing the painting, I also took on the cooking job.. I think my mom want to train me in cooking.. I can't cook, my food is horrible.. most of the time, and she knows it ! But as my birthday is coming up, and I am getting older.. I think she wanna train me to be a good wife, making me cook food!

Message to mom, if she ever find this blog :

Dear mom, have faith in your kid. I can do better ;D. If my guy can't cook, I will make him learn how! So please don't worry about my horrible cooking skill.

Your Daughter.

There >;D.


For about my in game life, I didn't do much yesterday since the morning + afternoon was full of trims painting. In the evening I was just run around and talk to my friends. I did the cabinet run today, I stood near the box for like 60s after it started and wondering why nothing come out.. So I figured that some one killed the mob already and I teleported to some other box. Then it hit me that I was the only one there, no mob come out bc I didn't click the box >.<.

After the cabinet run I go back and toss some of them to the storage, and I got the message saying my storage is full... zomg WHAT :(! I did a little of cleaning, and here is the result..

Still bad, but hey, it can hold 10 more things ! >:D

I took a lot of screenie when I play this game, and for some funky reason, lately, every time I press the Prt Screen button, I got at least 4 identical pictures as the result. I don't really know why, but with every picture at 2.4MB each, my screenshot folder is growing really fast. I have to go through them and delete the copies every 2-3 days or so. I did that today, and found some nice shot of my friends and I together ;D. It's a wonderful things to have friends, specially those who come and be by your side even when you're not looking, like this one, I found him sitting next to my Soso after I came back from afking:

Those will do funky things with you when you ask them to

Those who would die at your feet

Those who are with you even when you're playing with fire

Those who helped you kill Swamp Angler when you're unable to do so

and even those who ignore you totally ignore you when you gave him a hug *cough*.

There goes, my wonderful friends. I know people, who I talk to.. but it always through pm.. gotta stalk them and make them take screenie with me later >:3.


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