Friday, January 1, 2010

Nothing is perfect, specially not 'Sword of The New World.'

As you see I called the problem Sword of the New WOrld's problem. I didn't want to say K2 or G1, because seriously, when you do business, you don't want it to go wrong. They did what they have to do, if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. I didn't call it Granado Espada's problem, because no other server run to as many troubles as we do .

The last couple days in game were just full of bugs for me. I wanted to purchase the tiger pets. I had prepared my heart and soul to spend 1.2mil feso (about 100mil vis) for the pets. I've prepared my fingers and brain to spend more than enough time on the guessing number game. However, I didn't prepare my heart, soul, brain nor fingers to get the bug and get lock out from playing the event game :(!

For those of you who don't know the game. Ashardalon did a really good job explaining how to play the game there, I will just let you read it, and not bother explaining :P. To win the game, you have to guess the predetermined number right, and you have about 40 chances to guess it right. An average person can get it right after 5-7 tries, but if you're pro like me, and guess it out the first time! Then you're out of luck >.<. If you guessed the number right on your first try, 3 things will happen:

1. The npc will NOT give you the prize.
2. Your game will freeze until you close it out forcefully.
3. You're lock out of Port of Coimbra channel 1 until the problem is fix :(.

As of now, the problem is not yet fix and there is MORE problems! About an hour ago, 10pm central time, everybody was kicked out of the server. When everybody logged back, Squad chat, Clan chat, Group chat, broadcast.. as far as way of communication concern, they were all disable. You could not use any warp, even changing channel is impossible without going back to the quarter (barrack). The first thing that come to mind was "THIS IS MISERABLE! If I can't talk, what else can I do in this game... " I was just going to log off for the night but I wanted to see what other people up too. I ran around a bit and find Zinni, I never feel happier to see Zinni b4 :(

Together with Zinni, we went around town to check things out. Some people were just confuse and stress :

Some decide to have a riot and take it out on the one who they hate the most, the first one to be BBQ was the Enchantment Girl..

The Market Manager and Vincent were next on the revenging list.

I leave the rioting for the guys after the last screenie. I started to head back to the top of the town and hang out a bit before I decided that there is nothing we can do right now. It's new year night and nobody is going to even bother fixing the bugs. And so I log off an started to write this. Let hope it will be fix as soon as possible so we can be happy gaming again. WoooT!


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