Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's my birthday!

That's one thing to celebrate for, or is it not. When I was 16th, my birthday wish was that I would stay 16th forever. My 17th birthday came around make me realize that birthday wishes don't come true. When my 18th birthday came, I spent the night thinking of what I've done and what happened through the years and then hug my teddy bear and cried through the night. I did know what to do, I got so old, yet I still think and act like a kid... my future, my life, I didn't know what to expect, what to become.. who am I.

At 18 years old, I was having an Early Life Crisis.

At 18 years old, I did something that would become a tradition. I stay up on the night of my birthday and write something..

I'm now no longer 18, but....

On January 15th of every year, I would remember that it's almost my birthday.

On January 16th of every year, I would lose myself to the mixed emotions and the insanity of a girl who realized that it's real that people do get older and die. And then I would stay up all night going through the pages of my life while adding in more pages.

On January 17th of every year, I brought myself back from Crazy Land, put on my best dress and my happy face to join my family and friends in the celebration of my birthday.

Am I happy that it's my birthday? Of course I am ;D

Am I emotionally unstable on the 16th? Always.. and I don't know why, it just happen.

It's now 4am, January 17th, I'm ready to face a new age, I'm ready to be a bit older than I was yesterday, and I'm ready to listen to the scolding of whom I happened to made worry/sad/piss off yesterday. And so!

From me with love <3. Rawr~
Featuring my other characters that I have other than my Sweet (musk), Charming (ele) and Glorious (scout). And yes, that is all me, 3 chars at a time, I made it happen. And that's the reason why I log in and out so much earlier >.<.

I might not know who I am then, but I know who I am now. The one and only me!





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