Saturday, July 16, 2011

BlackWhisper, I'm very very very Sorry

BQQ, I'm sorry about what happen yesterday, well I'm not gonna make any excuses, I was being mean, on purpose, because of my mood. You didn't have to cross my name out of the chat, if I'm being a terrible person, the world deserve to know that I'm a very terrible person. :(

No I don't hate you, not anything about you annoy me, I liked what you do, and you're a good friend. If the words doesn't do the magic, then let the action speak for itself, remember, who was the one who cheer you on the most when you made your first sword video. Remember, who was it that get your 'idol' to give you some words of encouragement even thou he refused to watch the thing. Remember, who went through all the trouble to help you make you the prison raid video. Remember, who could vesp way faster, with AA pass activated, but run to buy an SA pass, and vesp with you just because you say "Ama come vesp with me!" And also, remember +7 Gladiator armor doesn't drop from the sky, some body have to buy it. >.<

I was just playing around, I'm sorry if I went overboard QQ

Here's one last thing, because I don't know how to say it better...

(ignore the chinese part, i don't understand it either :( )

PS. It's that time of the month, I have mood wing, unstable hormone level and stomach cramp. So yah, i'm not a very happy camper. *sigh*

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Long time no see ~

Hello everyone, summer had started for me, and as I expected summer bring me lots of things to do and lots of trouble to deal with. It started with.. my laptop was confiscated by my mom, I'm not gonna go in to much detail in why and how that happen, but I haven't see my computer for a week now *sigh*

For Sword go, I'm no longer able to do any in-game activity that require a lag free environment such as Circus, Team arena or the new instance raid. I've made several keys for them (which drain my rep. point like no tomorrow >.<) but have not been able to actually try them out yet. Afking is the way to go !

WIth the release of the new Caebolan SA, I've farmed enough Exp Cards to mastered my musk, so along with my fighter(and not yet again master Eles) she's the 4th master in the family. Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to farm Caebolan AA, since the only computer that I have access at home is my old PC that I had when I was still in high school. Being old is not so much of a problem as being loud, I have to turn it off at night when I go to bed, and when I'm in school my parents will turn it off if they hear/see it running. With that being said, I don't think using a pass for only about 10-12 hours worth the money.

The new stances that came out with the patches was also given to my Eles and maybe Scout.. I'm not so sure about my scout, because with updates, Emilia or STF seem to make a better buffer.. I do have the symbols that required for the stance.. but just not sure which one to Master QQ.

Oh, because of my habit of rambling on and on about whatever come to mind, I've forgot the reason why I started to write this Haha. The reason I write this, is to let you all know, I will kinda press the Pause button on upgrading my blog :'(. Firstly, I've got a lot of things to keep up with, my summer classes require me to read about 30pages of material a day. Secondly, my mother won't give me back my laptop and I'm now totally careless about getting it back, I'm tired of asking for it and I simply don't care anymore. Lastly, and probably most important, I will keep on playing (yay!) but not so active, there's no chair at where my old PC is, it's in the middle of living room, so I will only look over and see if I'm dead.. or stuff like that. I won't be around to keep a conversation :(. Sorry QQ.

I will keep a pretty low profile, maybe just AFK my newb (100 and below) to Lvl 100, to boost the family level. Maybe stay in Katovic and Frozen waste to get the materials for the soups. That and get granny, I personally don't care for Selva, Garcia or Grandice but will just get them for collective purpose.

That's the plan for now, until September guys <3.

Happy gaming~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ish at granny house!

This morning when I woke up, looking beautiful as always, mom said to me "you going to spend the day with granny." Wait what, do I have a choice? Excuse me i'm living in a free country here!

SO i'm here now at granny, 10hrs after I woke up, using granny's laptop and free wifi from god-know-where places that disconnect me every 10minutes, typing this to entertain my ownself as well as anyone who find joy in reading my random rambling muahahaha!

Before I left my house this morning, thinking that I will be back soon after, therefore I left my laptop on and free my fighter to slaughter anything that catches her eyes in the east bahama cave. Oh yes she's so close to master and nothing is going to stand in her way! That message go out to all of you fishies and spiders! Piff!

Oh look I found this on FailBlog and thought it was funny xD.

FailBlog is a really good wesite to burn time if you have nothing else to do on the net :P.

Back to topic (wait, did i have one lol xD), this morning my cousin texted me because she was bored at work, and here is the convo:

Cousin : Dude what you up to?
Ama : On my way to granny, joy to the world !
Cousin : Oh that remind me, I need the fuck recipe
Ama : Really? Why you need that? And why from granny rofl?
Cousin : Because she made the best kind and my boyfriend wanna eat some

*Ama looked at the phone and laugh like a mad woman*

Ama : Look at the message you sent me earlier, the one where you mention the recipe, I'm sure your bf wanna eat that badly HAHAHAHAHA
Cousin : OH MY GOD NO, i meant DUCK, stupid T9 mode.

I had a good laugh xD. For those who doesn't know what T9 mode is, it's a mode on celphone where you use the 9 buttons (3-4 letters on each), you hit the each button once and the phone kinda tried to 'guess' what letter was it you want and made the word for you. Sometime there's more than one option, like if you want "he", you hit 4 (gHi) then 3 (dEf), but you can also get "if" from hitting 4(ghI) 3(deF). For more detail explaination *click here* :P

Anyway, until next time. Happy gaming !! <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The blog is under construction !!

Ok, so as one of my friend point point out, the banner/layout is way bigger than I thought it would be, so I will be fixing it.. so it would be smaller and prettier (maybe)!!

Please do not freak out if you u see stoof broken everywhere :(!

WHile i mess up my blog, you can check out another awesum commercial ;D!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay so i hasn't write anything for weeks... maybe only 1 week >.< You see i'm now home. And to me home = good food, home = family, home = no school, home = CRAP LOAD OF CHORES >.;(

And we're still remodeling our house, so there's lots to do and not much time on the comp. I also been hanging out with the old high school friends and such, less time on the comp :P. Come to talk about that, I wanna go watch Shrek the Final Chapter in 3D, Everyone is invited!! to pay for my ticket of course :O! It starts playing today I think, wanna gooO~~~~

I saw something in the tv, that caught my attention, this 30s commercial made my day!!

Those dance move are so mine :o! You know how I always say *dance dance*? look at the woman on the left (the fire on the beach scene) at :20 - :21 in the vid, that's EXactLy what I do when I say *dance dance* Muahahahaha. The song in the commercial is call You Light Me Up by Open Sky, there's no full version of the song as of now. I want the full version, so i can dance to it all day, yayyy.

For sword, the last seven days, I defined the meaning of "Afk Lvling," I didn't even do circus, the only time I will be active is Team Arena MMC3 time, curse G1 for putting MMC1 at 1am in the morning -_-. I retired from SA and used he gold for combat manual instead, 50% ish a day is quite decent for a two person team.. maybe? As of now, mother just called and ask me to mob the floor QQ.. until next time :(!

Happy gaming to you all~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

King of Greed

I think that's a better name, why does SotnW make it to King of Coventry?? ANyway, I've been killing LOTS and LOTS of KoG! Yet! I still haven't get what I want out of him :(. What found so far thou:
  • Gold bar x 197
  • Lenoir Wiz Recipe x 1
  • Elite Rescue Suit Recipe x 1
  • Golden Damacus Recipe x 10
  • Golden Feet Recipe x 7
  • Golden Fist Recipe x 5
  • Phantom Guard Recipe x 5
  • Lvl 92 chip x 156
  • Lvl 96 chip x 67
  • Lvl 100 chip x 12
  • Ton load of 84e recipes...

Oh and I told you I would take my own KoC pics didn't I. Here they are! Perfect coordination ftw. Rawrr!!!

197,801,450 Damage !! Suck that koc!! MUAHAHAHAHA

Stars of the pic, Luna (BSI) and Beautiful (Fig). They will continue to train in SA/AA and pwnt KoC probably until they reach master~.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This week is final week, I'm flipping myself over by seeing no point of studying. I'm totally not sure how I did on my Ochem final. 11hrs from now I will take my Quantitative analysis final, that one not gonna be so bad. Then I have two more which I'm not gonna be worry about. I'm actually tired of being a good student, I'm tired of all the labs, all the competitors... being a Biochemistry major isn't a very pleasant thing to do. I should have stick to my business major.. then I would be done with school by now, and start having a decent 'life' ! *whine whine whine*

Anyway, after exams, summer will start! Ooooooo, the sun, the beach, hot weather !! I hate them all! Gib me back my winter :(, where snow is falling, where jingle bell is ringing, where Santa is laughing <3. I'm a winter child, screw summer >:(! I'm actually not 'free' this summer, registered for summer classes, one online and one offline. The offline one is at 8oclock everyday... I feel like high school all over again.

I've been camping KoC lately, I figure, my fighter could use a better GS or something, so if the dang Dragon Heart recipe ever drop, I will craft her a Elite Dragon Slayer <3, I was gonna think of farming TA and get Passion of Regulus instead but seriously.. 6 people to start =.=. The loots are decent, but not anymore after it divide by 6... too lazy to find starters.. too poor to pay them.. ugh... no money for runes...lately, I've negative money intake Nuuuu!

Therefore, Luna (BSI) and Beautiful (Fig) continue to 'train' and farm KoC in SA, they're expert Lvl. 4 and 5 respectively. I must mastar them both! I was going to took a screenie if them owning KoC in Sa, but then I google and found something funny so I thought i would post that instead! Here it is

I dun think they got enough people, KoC is kinda tough don't you think so :S!?