Monday, May 24, 2010

Ish at granny house!

This morning when I woke up, looking beautiful as always, mom said to me "you going to spend the day with granny." Wait what, do I have a choice? Excuse me i'm living in a free country here!

SO i'm here now at granny, 10hrs after I woke up, using granny's laptop and free wifi from god-know-where places that disconnect me every 10minutes, typing this to entertain my ownself as well as anyone who find joy in reading my random rambling muahahaha!

Before I left my house this morning, thinking that I will be back soon after, therefore I left my laptop on and free my fighter to slaughter anything that catches her eyes in the east bahama cave. Oh yes she's so close to master and nothing is going to stand in her way! That message go out to all of you fishies and spiders! Piff!

Oh look I found this on FailBlog and thought it was funny xD.

FailBlog is a really good wesite to burn time if you have nothing else to do on the net :P.

Back to topic (wait, did i have one lol xD), this morning my cousin texted me because she was bored at work, and here is the convo:

Cousin : Dude what you up to?
Ama : On my way to granny, joy to the world !
Cousin : Oh that remind me, I need the fuck recipe
Ama : Really? Why you need that? And why from granny rofl?
Cousin : Because she made the best kind and my boyfriend wanna eat some

*Ama looked at the phone and laugh like a mad woman*

Ama : Look at the message you sent me earlier, the one where you mention the recipe, I'm sure your bf wanna eat that badly HAHAHAHAHA
Cousin : OH MY GOD NO, i meant DUCK, stupid T9 mode.

I had a good laugh xD. For those who doesn't know what T9 mode is, it's a mode on celphone where you use the 9 buttons (3-4 letters on each), you hit the each button once and the phone kinda tried to 'guess' what letter was it you want and made the word for you. Sometime there's more than one option, like if you want "he", you hit 4 (gHi) then 3 (dEf), but you can also get "if" from hitting 4(ghI) 3(deF). For more detail explaination *click here* :P

Anyway, until next time. Happy gaming !! <3


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