Sunday, June 6, 2010

Long time no see ~

Hello everyone, summer had started for me, and as I expected summer bring me lots of things to do and lots of trouble to deal with. It started with.. my laptop was confiscated by my mom, I'm not gonna go in to much detail in why and how that happen, but I haven't see my computer for a week now *sigh*

For Sword go, I'm no longer able to do any in-game activity that require a lag free environment such as Circus, Team arena or the new instance raid. I've made several keys for them (which drain my rep. point like no tomorrow >.<) but have not been able to actually try them out yet. Afking is the way to go !

WIth the release of the new Caebolan SA, I've farmed enough Exp Cards to mastered my musk, so along with my fighter(and not yet again master Eles) she's the 4th master in the family. Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to farm Caebolan AA, since the only computer that I have access at home is my old PC that I had when I was still in high school. Being old is not so much of a problem as being loud, I have to turn it off at night when I go to bed, and when I'm in school my parents will turn it off if they hear/see it running. With that being said, I don't think using a pass for only about 10-12 hours worth the money.

The new stances that came out with the patches was also given to my Eles and maybe Scout.. I'm not so sure about my scout, because with updates, Emilia or STF seem to make a better buffer.. I do have the symbols that required for the stance.. but just not sure which one to Master QQ.

Oh, because of my habit of rambling on and on about whatever come to mind, I've forgot the reason why I started to write this Haha. The reason I write this, is to let you all know, I will kinda press the Pause button on upgrading my blog :'(. Firstly, I've got a lot of things to keep up with, my summer classes require me to read about 30pages of material a day. Secondly, my mother won't give me back my laptop and I'm now totally careless about getting it back, I'm tired of asking for it and I simply don't care anymore. Lastly, and probably most important, I will keep on playing (yay!) but not so active, there's no chair at where my old PC is, it's in the middle of living room, so I will only look over and see if I'm dead.. or stuff like that. I won't be around to keep a conversation :(. Sorry QQ.

I will keep a pretty low profile, maybe just AFK my newb (100 and below) to Lvl 100, to boost the family level. Maybe stay in Katovic and Frozen waste to get the materials for the soups. That and get granny, I personally don't care for Selva, Garcia or Grandice but will just get them for collective purpose.

That's the plan for now, until September guys <3.

Happy gaming~


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