Wednesday, May 12, 2010

King of Greed

I think that's a better name, why does SotnW make it to King of Coventry?? ANyway, I've been killing LOTS and LOTS of KoG! Yet! I still haven't get what I want out of him :(. What found so far thou:
  • Gold bar x 197
  • Lenoir Wiz Recipe x 1
  • Elite Rescue Suit Recipe x 1
  • Golden Damacus Recipe x 10
  • Golden Feet Recipe x 7
  • Golden Fist Recipe x 5
  • Phantom Guard Recipe x 5
  • Lvl 92 chip x 156
  • Lvl 96 chip x 67
  • Lvl 100 chip x 12
  • Ton load of 84e recipes...

Oh and I told you I would take my own KoC pics didn't I. Here they are! Perfect coordination ftw. Rawrr!!!

197,801,450 Damage !! Suck that koc!! MUAHAHAHAHA

Stars of the pic, Luna (BSI) and Beautiful (Fig). They will continue to train in SA/AA and pwnt KoC probably until they reach master~.


Jouslain said...

That's some coordination!!!
I want to get hit by those Volitions too!!!! :3
(I wont drop a DHr tho)

Tuckerman said...

DHr or nothing- that"s my motto :) GL on your DHr hunt Amy :)

Armors said...

KoC only drops dhr's for cool people

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