Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Layout Yay

OK.. ! So I was bored, KoC was being lame and refuse to spawn after 2hr pass its window.. i could have been stupid and waited on the wrong channel too... >.>!

Anyway, I decided to get rid of the lame pink thing that came with this template .. yes I don't make them..I ish bad at html and stuff, but good enough to manipulate other people's work, muahaha. And I stole the fighter pic out of jge website, i figure I would use official art work to prevent any unnecessary drama over copy right and such. Why fighter? She's my favorite character to play in game, back off you Lisa, Helena and whatever lover >:O!

This is to prove to you how awesome my fighter is!!

What i think:

1. 30minute work of work is cheap work, this look kinda weird.

2. I think i need to fix it again. All the link on the right-sidebar is still pink.. I can't seem to find the code.

3. Sorry if the blog look like a mess haha.

4. I have final exam tomorrow, WIsh me luck guys !

And what do u think about the new changes :o?


Jouslain said...

OMG I've been reading your blog for over a month now and I just found out today that I could post comments >.<, I promise I'll spam your blog from now on muahaha.

GL with your exams!

BTW, too much white now, it hurts my eyes ¤_¤

Eugen said...

Yes, good luck with exam =)
But fighter sucks, sorry.

Amalielle said...

@Jouslain... yah I will fix it more when my exam is over.. it's too bright for me too >.>.

@Eugen : Dun let me find out who u are in game or I will dump an elite cock spinnel on u >:(

Almontri said...

Fighters are awesome, yes yes. /o/ Nice layout, good luck futsing with it. xD

And good luck with the exam!

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