Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A week of leveling.

I started a 50% combat manual 2days ago, and the 50% exp buff dude to the up coming release of Master started this morning, which mean for the next one week I will have 100% exp buff. I also joined Oakie's clan in order to get the Tierra 20% exp buff. That add up to 120% total. I have some Halloween Candy (+20% lvl and stance exp) and Christmas Stocking (+30% exp) left as well. I tried to stack them all together, then kinda watch the flow of the exp. They might have stacked.. but I don't think they do. I get about the same amount of exp with or without the haloween candy (no sock). I am now kinda waiting for that to run out of time and try the sock without the candy and see what happen. I think 1 of the 4 buffs I used might not stack, but they all show up on top of my character bar:

I determined to keep myself in Ancient Area for this week, gotta get as much Exp as possible before school started again. I still think I'm a mad woman for having 7 classes, 3 labs, research and work lol, but hey, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. ;D

(what does kill you make you die...)

With the release of the new Andre and Mia boxes, I really really want the White Vent costume, but WHERE THE HECK IS THE HAIR THAT SUPPOSE TO GO WITH IT...!!!!!!!!! WHERE!! I'm so disappointed I don't even wanna talk about it. It's the hair that make the different if you ask me, because the thing annoy me the most about Grace is her 10-sizes-smaller-than-her-head hat. >;(

Ignore my disappointment in the lame costumes, I went ahead and buy gold anyway. Then I notice that instead of 10,100Gold, I got 11,000Gold instead. I'm not complaining, but now I don't want what I wanna spend it on. Maybe buying 30 Andre boxes and see if I can get the bugged Exp Manual everybody is making a big deal about, we will see >;D.

Earlier today, I helped a friend did the lvl 52 clan quest for his clan, it's A LOT easier than what I thought it would be. He wrote an awesome speak for his clan notice, I wanted to put it here, but at the end he say that I can't. He totally said "that would be awesome!" yesterday.. maybe he's pmsing when I talked to him this morning.. who knows >.<.

OH and Ash finally found the Elite Wasp for me <3, the first time it disappear, which make the two of us run around the Swamp for another 10-20 minutes in the other channel to find another one. I personally kinda like the Elite Wasp, he's cute and chubby ;D.

PS: it's seem that the Witch Candy is the one that doesn't stack. I totally see an exp boost when I only use the Christmas Sock!


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