Friday, December 25, 2009

Where I am now in GE

I started GE in the beginning of September, it is now 4months later. I am at the point where my beginner team are now level 100 and had been promoted to Veteran. I have completed all main line of quest that you need to finish. I'm no stranger to GE anymore. However, I would not say that I am any good at GE :D. I know many people who wanted to be awesome at what you do, they want to compete to other people and to become the "pro." I am one of the one that lay back and go wherever my mood take me that day. I would do stupid things like running in to bosses that I know for a fact that I can't kill, I would do thing like spend all the money I have on costumes (oh Yes i'm obsess!! MORE COSTUME PLEASE!!!), I would go afk to hunt Pure Otite on Land of the Dead, I would upgrade 300 sword just go have one that +7 to look good on my Claires... Some of my friends are annoy by what I do (bc they think it's so stupid..), but it's my game, and I will play it how I please, and because I can, and because i,LikeNoOther ;D

Here is my Sweet, Charming and Glorious first day as Vet, in their gorgeous costumes what were given to me as a gift from Master I <3

One of my friend, Oberward - Obbie was with me that day, when I told him I wanted to go explore Katovic Snowfield, he was with me to make sure I won't get eaten by polar bear and snow wolfie. Thanks Obbie :D!


Currently listening to Skull and Crossbones, another one of the Pirates of the Caribean's soundtrack.


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