Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas time, New Year time and Events Time!!

Not counting the Typing Event for Christmas and Guess The Number Event for New Year, G1 Fynlo has been hosting some other mini event. Two days ago he host he Hide and Seek event. He was lost somewhere in King's Garden and we Pioneers gotta set out and rescue the poor Fynlo. As a nice person, I got my flash light and rope ready and set out to find him, but how can I find someone when I have no sense of direction myself :(. Oh well, at least I tried ok >.>. Fortunately, not everyone as useless as me when it come to rescuing and found the poor Fynlo soon after.

Way to go DeadCore! And for the reward, he got an AM box. I hope he get something useful out of it :D.

The next day, we have a (as I call it) Kill Them All Event. It was again, Fynlo who hosted it. We were all gathered in area that look like this

Gorgeous right, I don't know where that is but it was named Lag Land by me, and that name was gladly accepted by everyone soon after ;D. After we were there, Fynlo started to summon all kind of things that I don't know the name of. Let me google them xD.

*5minutes later..*

Okay there were a ton loads of Fallen Champions, Vladimirs, Dark Celberos, 2 Einwind, Novia, Griffin, somthing The Curse.. and ugh.. lots more. They drop their normal loots, and after they were kill, some light come up, if you kill those light, they randomly drop 1 each of chip lvl from 72-Vet. This dude right in front of me get a Veteran Chip :(!

Out of all of them, EinWind (Novia come in at second) took the longest to kill. Quiz time!!!

Which one is not belong in the group:
a) Einwind
b) Novia
c) Rich Astley - Never gonna give you up
d) None of the above.


The answer is d! Hah, because a, b and c go together! Don't trust me :O? Take a look!

Told Yah! Oh, and I spy G1-Fynlo!!! (hint: on the left.. )

And when we all thought it was over, Fynlo summoned some Huge Treasure Box that have 9.9mil HP. The first 5 boxes didn't drop anything >:(, but the last 3 dropped A LOT of chips ranging from lvl 40-100s. I was there for all of them, but somehow I only manage to pick up 1 lvl 60 chip from the bunch T__T.

Here is a shot of the treasure box:

After the Kill Them All Event, I got:

1. Lvl 100 chip x1
2. Lvl 84 chip x1
3. Lvl 80 chip x1
4. Lvl 76 chip x4
5. Lvl 72 chip x3
6. Lvl 60 chip x1
7. Baile de Guerra Ring
8. Lvl 92u Guard that give -25% from Undead

And fail to pick up things that was right in front of me:
1. Lvl 100 chips x2
2. Vetetran chips x1
3. Black Tongue Recipe x1
4. Concentration ring x1

That's all I gotta say about that. Now I gotta go back and collect more point to get my tigers <3


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