Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (Late) St. Patrick's Day!

I was going to write something about the cute lito event that going on on sword, but Ash beats me to it >.<. Read here if you wanna know what he has to say xD. But still, my fighter is still smexi enough for a worthy screenie. RAWR~

On the first day, the broad said I am Ranked 8th in GM surprise Event. I have no clue what that mean, or how I did it. Anyone?

I also acquired another Treasure Hunter Request from Premium Treasure Box, I tried out my luck again with the short and not so handsome Treasure Hunter dude in Auch(there's one on every town). The info about this little mission can be find here. Back then I was able to find some more info about it and the list of loots that can be find from the box but I can't seem to find it now.

I got this after finishing the quest

It suppose to be the best box, but I got a Lvl. 100 Chip from it >.<. The first time I did the quest I got 5 Earth Stones (Moon Stone) while Oakie did it and get 2 Great Stones (Grow Stone). My luck is cursed.....

Talk about cursed luck, I joined Femme to do the Secret Tower mission in Auch, I spend 30k feso to make keys (yah.. that can keep my pet alive for 10hrs!) for it, one of the key was wasted because we got a random mass disconnect when we was inside. Everything went smoothly until we got to Lvl 3, the Ghost Magic Powder just refuse to drop after about 2hrs of hunting =(. We got keys after keys and no powder... At the end, one did drop and roundrobined on to me, but I gave it away to another squad member because I had had enough of the tower for the day ._. Oh, if u ever look out of the window of the tower on Lvl. 3, it look kinda cool :D

And then there's a ring boxes incident, I went to trade all the rings I got to get 30 black oxides. I got 29 black oxides in 41 rings, THEN the 30th oxide took 10 rings to get >______<. THEN, the rings that drop from the ring boxes are not even worth mentioning, deluge... atomic bomber ring? Sub marine shot ring.. whatttttt. OK well I did get Blessness + another equites stance ring BUT.. my Romina is lvl 66, very useful! *sarcasm*

Hm, I did get Symbol of Leo from Premium Treasure Chest... maybe that was the only luck of the week xD. Unless you consider getting disconnected from Circus Raid is lucky =O?


My Fail screenie...

I meant to drag the Bear hat into the box, but instead I drag my precious Angel Wings into it ='( *crieeeeeeeeeeeeees*.. you don't know how much gold I spent on Mia's Boxes to get a set of 3 Angel wings >__< *sniff sniff*... AT least I got an Enchant Booster, which was later traded with Vikerus(?) Family for a Rhodolite Piece, which was traded for Nar's toe nail...

WTS Nar, I will take whatever you offer + A Pair of Angel wings for him \o/


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