Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mid-Term Week

Ugh, I just finished with my Quantitative Chem Exam, and currently suffering some brain damage.. ahhhhhhhh. I gotta survive, I got Organic Chem exam tomorrow >.<. Be strong self! Survive!!!

Anyway, yesterday I received a different book for doing treasure hunt mission (WHERE IS MY SYMBOLS!), this one is my first one, but the mission is technically the same, you go inside and kill 10 treasure maidens, then warp back out and get a box. Here are what they look like:

The Legendary Treasure Chest is so legend that I got a grand total of 4 Legendary Lvl100 Chips out of it. YAY!

Circus is a total scam the last few days, the most I got out of it was 2 Lvl100 chips and a red ticket. I didn't even do it today, maybe I should take a long break to wash off the bad luck =(. Oh yah, I also killed a random Ancient King of Greed, with 30% Drop rate from HPS + 20% from Survival manual + 20% from PanPan buff, the total drop included 1x 96 chips and a normal Lvl 92 armor which was broken into a chip. The 5 treasure boxes that he dropped give me Bellem Boxes, Health Filler and a Teleport Scroll. Ohh.. cruel fate~

More Pigling Parade was held, and for 2 more times I was curious and went to check it out. I wanted some nice screenie but the people wont stop killing stuff.. making the pigs running around none stop >.<. I manage to get a nice one, however I was unable to take the names, since they run away as soon as I press the PrtScreen button~


My fail:

This morning, I listed 2 Old Chest Pieces in the Market Manager for 300k vis each. I meant to put it for Feso, but I didn't realize it until I took the money back from the cabinet, and saw that the amount of Feso I had stay unchanged, and I gained 552k vis. The total Vis I have now is 58mil, not even enough to craft the EMSr I just got for Luna (BSI) =(.

What not so fail:

At least, that probably made someone day haha. If you, or someone you knew was the person that bought it. Please let me know, I'm just curious. I promise I won't want it back :P. Let me know~

I found this screenie while looking for something to post today. Where is Erika =( Ama misses Erika and want him back >.< !

(I call him Erika because I can't ever spell his name right, and it just stuck~)


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