Monday, March 1, 2010

This Week I realize....

ZOMG I NEED TO PLAY SWORD LESSS.... I've been neglecting some of my school work to play >.<. Bad Ama BAD :( *smack ama*

Anyway, so I've been telling you that this is under construction... and nothing have change.. yet. STill! I'm trying.. I can't make a good looking banner. My Photoshop and artistic skill had fail me.. it's still is T______T

Come to talk about my Photoshop and Artistic skill.. this is as far as it will go

Yayy.. stick men ftw!! One day, I will invent stick women, can't let he men have all the credit :O!

This week in sword is all about the Circus and the new events. I've tried out:

Team Arena : Love it, only if it doesn't take forever...

Gold Dungeon : >.>... tried 3 times, most successful was holding on until the last 1:30min. Everybody worry about the boss and forgot the base ;(!

Circus Raid: Do eet everyday, yet only get one blue recipe, which was crafted to a Trump Bayonet but was traded later for a Trump Great Sword instead. What good does bayonet do without Flintlock... Errac quest... ewww :(. Aquarius... *look at pocket*.......O.O....>.<...... *cries*

Ania + Helena: I got them, Ania is sitting around playing chest with Ed all day long. Helena is busy shining and cleaning and mopping my quarter.. I gotta work her off.. my 30mil, she gotta learn that it ain't Free.. MUAHAHA.

Glorious had been promoted to Expert, poor thing, I forgot to take a screenie >.>. I got something awesome from Tuckerman for experting him thou :O. <3 Tucker.

No promoting pic, but this will do :D. Yay.. Congratulation to myself, woot woot. (pic was taken while Kumi, Kurai and violet are being smack around by Arsene xD).

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and we finished the Circus quest in 30min today, with just 3 people, killing everything on the way. I never thought I could do it this soon, here is team awesome! Congratulation to us :o~

And.. the site still under construction xD... I need idea... aaaaaaaaaaaa


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