Monday, March 8, 2010

*Dusting the blog*

Sorry guys, I've been really busy lately, mid-term week is here and I've been drowning under things that I needed to do. It won't slow down until this week is over, and so you might not see another post until next week or so. :(

Well even if I'm drowning under stuff, I've been in game too, making a comment here and there, talking to people between Organic problems. Other than that, I've been taking advantage of the Exp week to level a few char =D. First of all, Beautiful is now Expert :o! Unlike the cruel thing I did to Glorious (the Scout), I remember to took a screenie this time xD. She's just too 'Beautiful' to no take one :P

I also took sometime to level up Andre the Fabulous~~, he's now Lvl 100 and is ready to take on any armor, costume the family need him to craft~. OH! And from a good friend, I welcomed Battle Smith Idge into my big and fuzzy family. SHE IS MY FAVORITE PREMIUM NPC <3<3<3. To show you how much I love her, I got her 18hrs ago at Lvl 50, as of now she's Vet Lvl. 2 and counting~ <--- that's pretty impressive for lazy leveler like me O.O. I named her Luna, after the cute little cat (below) in the once famous manga/anime Sailor Moon, they're both so adorable~.

Another thing that happened this week. I sold off Precious (Viki), he's probably one of the top 10 thing I spend the most vis on xD. I bought him as Vet 1 for 200mil when I was Lvl 70ish. Since then, I also have a Viki of my own, and one more in a card... I was stupid enough to buy the card without Tetis T__T. Anyway, Danny, the one who stayed was very sad when Precious have to go :(.

I didn't really want to sell him thou, but the family that was buying him was broading for about two days and that he's only Lvl 50, I figure my Precious (Viki) could have help them a bit along the way, that's why I sold Precious to him >.<.

I also manage to gather up some Vis during the pass few week by selling everything I got, literary.. I wanted to save up for EMSs and some Ogre weapon.. but EMS price is still high up the sky, and there's no one really selling Ogre weapons T__T. Blah :(.. sad week.


Random screenie :D!


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