Sunday, March 21, 2010

Transformation *Abracadabra* POOF

I change the way my character look a lot, but I always have a favorite of how they look, and they stuck with that favorite look until I find something better. For a long while, my fighter look like this :

But lately, I don't feel like having her being so nice anymore, so I decided it's time for a change. After some running around getting the items and then the help of my friend - Delator. POOF, I got her to look like this:

Ebil, but Smexy <3. I am somewhat enjoying her new look, maybe she will stay like that for awhile =3.

Yesterday, I also went to the Pig Parade, where G1-Fynlo gave out free item (+5 Expert Lacquer) for Pigling's owners. I personally don't have a Pigling, I have a tiger named Ridge, he basically loots at the same rate that Pigling does. I would have get Pigling too, only if she didn't come at the rip off price of 2500Gold ;D. But yah, I ran there anyway, bc I'm nosy and I like screenie, muahahaha.

Here's a shot where people line up for free loot~ (the Boar and Baby Cockatrice also line up xD)

(I spy a Clover :O!)

And And, I also found 3 Little Sister Pigs :o!

They were named SirOinksAlot Waitt, Piggy Labeuf and Kermit Vanatouli (from Left to Right).

Wait.. Isn't Kermit a frog o.o!


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