Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Late Update!

Q: So what have Ama been up to..?

A: Some real life drama and optimize the meaning of "Afk Lvling" in game. Yes yes my "school" life is a totally mess, I need to straighten things out, at this rate I will stuck in school for 2 more years to get my Master Degree. Heck, what will I do having a master in Biochemistry, nothing.. I better make it to Med school or else I will go study to become those autopsies who boil people flesh off their skull to investigate stuff. What an awesome job :D! (*have been watching too much tv*)

And I've been afk lvling, yes yes to the point that I barely go to circus or kill anything else anymore ='(. I'm stuck to a certain somebody *cough* for another week, maybe two..For Leveling go, I want 2 Master Elementalists, 2 Master Angie, Master Scout and 3 Master Musky =3. So far none of them is master..some are not even Vet *coughAngiecough* xD, but that's the goal!

Because I can't do anything in game, I can't even log in and out as I wanted to, so I've been messing around with stuff, I took this screenie, because I have too many of those wheels, and they're hogging inventory space like no tomorrow, there's only 6 on the screenie bc I can't show them all at once, I actually have like 4 mores..

And the I'm messing with the costume and stuff. I'm in love with Romina new costume, Trifolium, only in jGE so far I think. It's smexy and you see Romina got a breast implants too, her sizes are now officially DD, bye bye to flatness~. And we all know you guys like boobies, I got proof !

Suppose it's not a bad thing, I like them tooo.. wait no I take that back >.>! But here are the looks ! (with no head >.<, if someone know how to put the head on her.. pm me!!)

And I'm totally not lying about her boobs job..
Rawr, class time. Happy gaming!


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