Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week one of 100% Exp Event : PKed

Ladies and Gentlemen, here I am proudly to present you, one of my favorite Jackie Chan clip, please watch before you move on, I promise you a good laugh, or at least, a little smile on on your heart~.

~~what's the war good for... war! it ain't nothing but a heart breeak~~ huh.. hah... yeh...*snap finger* *dance *dance* *shake her boodie*

Woot, I love that song ='D!!! And so, this is the second morning I woke up dead from being PKed, what does it feel like? -> Oh I'm dead. That's exactly what it feel like, for those who decided to be douche bags and killed my AFKers, next time kill my Alt too please, so she doesn't stand here being all lonely <3. Ohhh being lonely is a heart breaking things~

I joined ShakeTheHeavens for fun, I don't like PVP but I decided to go to war every Saturday night just to help the clan out. By my best effort, I go to war with my Scout and Angie because if I have to kill someone, let it be myself instead. (Alright, I'm being a noob and can't kill anyone is another reason, but you didn't just read that >.< ). And because I love the Heaven Shakers, a few night being dead isn't going to make me leave them =3.

You guys are wasting my time and your own time by turning Orpesia into a PK Server. It's not really my lost, because I'm a noob and used to wake up being kill by monsters, it's just another day~. You're wasting your own members time because I know someone who is in Phalanx that hasn't login for the last few days to avoid being PKed while afk. You're wasting your effort because at the same time you get your own members kill while having to log into an alternate account every night, pop a AA or FA passes just so you can kill the people in side there. I agree, those of you who is having a good time PKed noob afkers like me probably have top end gears and your quarter full of masters and such on your main accounts. Therefore you got nothing else to do and PK others give you another reason to enjoy this game. But that doesn't change the fact that you're wasting your time.

I'm writing this, not to ask you to stop but just simply express my own opinion, this is my blog and I normally put on it what I please. I believe in my freedom of speech and I mean no harm.


I saw some good lines the last few day going on on chat, let me write it down, for keeping sake ;D. I like quotes~

Mr J. : Vestal used to be the ultimate musk user, it's sad seeing him being reduce to an alt PK character.

Mr L. : This is dirty, pking an afk char is like touching a girl boobs when she's sleeping.


Tuckerman said...

Funny part of this perma war is that poor Phals feeling being bullied, QQ about how all hate them...LOL...Like Amy sed, Phals digging their graves because many people who hated pvp/cw now goes there will pleasure, no more need to rally people for CW, everyone are cool to give colonies to everyone just not to Phals and their pet clans...I am not enemy of most of phalanx people, so i hope they will tell their leadership what are they doing wrong. Ups..long QQ from me :D PS.sry for English mistakes, 2PS. dances with Amy: ...War...huh...yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing Uh ha haa ha (does Tucker move :D)

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