Friday, April 30, 2010

Last week stuffs and CW things.

Some of us after last week CW yayyy!

Argh! (like a pirate !) My laptop is raging on me, and photoshop is being a slug. Oh wait it just photoshop, my laptop is not raging~. I was trying to edit some image to post, but stupid PSC3 is being so slow i can't do much >.<.

Today is Friday, I've finally done with my last wave of exams, one more week, then final exam week, then I will be home for the summer YAY~. Home = family, I never thought I would say this when I first left home for college, but I really miss home every now and then when I'm away :'(. No body loves like my mom does :(.

Anyway, that's life. For games, the last week is a spending and not too much of "making" week >.<. For Fighter, Beautiful, I've rechiped her EMS back to 3DR after I traded my old one away. The new EMS went through 2DR 4 times lol. Then I bought her a new set of Chevalier Gloves/Boots, she's my main circus DPS, she deserve something better! I chipped her a 12% atk/93% daemon on +6 Steel GS, just to smack the living light out of General Guard :D! As of now, she got a collection of Daemon/Undead/Human/Golem and stupid 100% Dino on my ogre Gs <-- dilemma :(. I've spend a whole stack of 100s chip to rechip the ogre, first stack of chip I end up with 25% atk, 15% aspd , 87% dinosaur on it. Then after the second stack of chips, the last chip yielded +10%atk, 20 lighting and 100% dinosaur -_-. /RAGEQUIT. I'm missing a Wild Beast GS, hm.

For Sweet, the musketeer, I crafted her a new EDC, went through about 250x chips on that and it went blank... *dies*. I also bought her a 100% daemon rifle, she's another one of my DPS in smacking General Guard's face <3.

For Fury, my mastar ele <3, I've purchased 3 new Behemoth bracelets, two with 98%/85% golem and one with 98% deamon.

Why golem? You should see how awesome my Ele is in circus! Because she's full of mental/spiritual res the bosses doesn't hurt her that much, my pet can out heal the damage Arsene does on her >:D.

Why deamon? I unno, it was cheap >.>. Farm errac noche :D? Ele is a bad choice for General Guard for sure xD.

And to fund for all of that spending, a HQ spodumene was sold off (my one and only :( ) and Charming, my Original Ele was adopted to another family. Yes yes I know, I love her to dead, but then I got a Master Ele to took her place, so it's all good <3.

Oh and, since last week CW is the most balance CW I've ever seen, and I somehow know the outcome will change this week so I took a picture of the map, just to keep~. (and yes AngryNerds, I stole your idea on boxing the clan names >:D)

Envy this guys, might not have a chance to see it again :(~. I unno if you can click on it for full size, so Click here if you can't see the image.


Angry said...

you got a nice CW picture now!

Anonymous said...

get cs4 ama D:

~'ella' :S

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