Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dance of the Devils

It's another typical leveling day, it could be too if G1-Armaldus (i think i butchered his name?) didn't get on and announcing the Dance of the Devils event in Channel 1 Land of the Dead. Now is when I feel sorry for the none Cash Shop user, but you didn't have to right? If you at least buy some Errac/Oops boxes back then (with vis), you should still have a few extra Otite Perfumes left, wouldn't you?. For me, I didn't spam much boxes, but I got a tons of those from Wheel of Destiny pack, and I used to let them run just so they wouldn't hog my inventory space.

Anyway at first it was a lot of confusion because they didn't say where in LoD.. make me almost file a ticket for scamming my perfume >;(! But thanks to Tucker, because he's everywhere I go, and because he stalks everything around me, he was able to told me where it was. Oh how I love Tucker <3

When I finally found the devils, and spam my PrtScreen button for screenies, this is the best one~

1. Two Vergo on the opposite side of each other make a heart, yay~
2. I curse whoever summon that golem in the middle of my screenshot.
3. Also, Schullz need to go and put his broad somewhere next time >:(!

Aside from Vergoes, there're tons and tons of Fallen Champions and Black Reapers and Dinosaurs. I turned the char render and mob render all to 0% to minimize lag, it's a typical zomgG1spamacraploadofmobforyoutokillwhilelagyoutodead event, UNTIL G1-Fynlo start to do this! (he spammed Errac/Oops boxes)

And with my magic eyes I saw this:

Then with my awesome looting skill this happen:


Other than that I also got: Secret Area pass, Ancient Area pass, Wheel of Destiny (he also spam AM's Box), and 2 Otite Perfumes <- the trip paid for itself Yayy~. I also saw Sagittarius x2 and Taurus Symbol drop but wasn't able to get to them.

ANyway, as I was typing this, our one and only Vikarus, with the one and only triple Nar team, named Bull, Gorn and Grim have reached Masters. Congratulation Vik <3, and I love your profile ~~


Ashardalon said...

I dislike this kind of lag-fest events. FFA drops usually mean the player with the least lag gets most of the loot.

I prefer the find-the-missing-GM events and the shopping-list events, since they are less dependent on level/gear and good connection.

Congrats on Aquarius!

Amalielle said...

Find the missing GM and Shopping List xD? Those are ancient for me I guess, it's always KILL THAT MONSTER AND LOOT event, ever since I joined ~

Almontri said...

Grats on Aquarius! :D Yeah, such events are fail, which is why I never go.

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