Sunday, April 18, 2010

I wrote this, bc Silvite asked me to =3

I've listen to the song above for about 3days straight now. I have this habit when I listen to music, if it's please to the ear, I will listen to it none stop. Longest time ever, was when I was listen to this song call Let the Music Heal Your Soul (cheesy, I know :( ) for 3 weeks on a row. I realized it because one day, my mom walk in my room and say "Love, please change the song, you're been listen to it for almost a month now." Extreme!

I've spent sometime to Lvl my alt, finally, she reached master on the first day of the 100% Exp Event.

She was Merced to my main account, the transfer delvled her to Lvl 8, 70 something percent <-- :'(. The time spent leveling also yielded another elementalist Lvl 3 expert, but she was sold away to slavery by her cold-blooded father and there was nothing I could do to help.. *sigh*

I spent a lot of time in skeleton dungeon as well, and this one night, it annoyed me so much that the loot that was drop on the ground for another family would not go away. It stuck on the ground and make me lag like no tomorrow every time I hold down Shift + Ctrl or every time I spin my camera around. I took a screenie, I don't know why, but I did..

That's it for the last few day I guess. The 100% exp event some how kill my leveling mood instead of encourage me to level more....


Who is he?

I need to look for the male fighter in the screenie, please let me know if you know who is he or anyone that look just like him, 5Mil Vis will be given out to the person who provide me with the correct name ^^~


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