Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A thought to ponder. Going back to RO?

With the release of the final 4th classes and some of the new features were added in Ragnarok Online, I kinda want to go back and give it a try. My old RO friends who quitted seem to came back as well, they're playing and been asking me to join. I wanna go back because I know RO like the back of my hand, the new features will take a bit to get used to, but it won't be so hard. I want to go back because I won't feel so noob there. I want to go back because I can actually sit in town and chill with people. I want to go back because no such thing as 8hr+ respawn time on bosses in RO (actually, there's one). I want to go back because I can get marry to someone :D!! I miss all my lovely hubbies! (there was more than 30 of you <3). I miss my merchant army and all the glorious things I do~~ AH I do wanna go back.

Maybe I will go back.

I already downloaded the client for the server.

I actually already made a char.

Code Name LonlyCutie Reactivated?

I don't know, but if one day I'm gone, you know where I've gone to. I won't say good bye, because it's not the end. I won't give away my account because one day I will be back. I won't QQ on broad because there's nothing to be QQ about. Silently I've come, silently I will go~. Just miss me a little, because I will miss you too <3

Just something to think about.


There's a loading screen contest, out of 5.2GB worth of GE screenie I have, I think I have some worthy ones. I wanted to use this as an entry, but somehow I don't have the original screenshot for it anymore :(! Killed my reason to enter, I will just post it here~

That's my Claires and Erika's Claudes. I think i'm secretly in love with triple Claude o.o!!


Ashardalon said...

> I miss all my 30+ hubbies.

Gosh. You are such a player! O.O Enjoy your reversed harem!

Tuckerman said...


Amalielle said...

@Ash: I will.

@Tucker: TUCKY!!! <3 <3 <3

Almontri said...

xD Wow. So they finally got those fourth jobs out eh? Well too bad my server went caput. :( I don't think I could ever really go back to RO...GE and Pangya have spoiled me with their graphics. xD

Hope you have fun, gimme some screen shots! 8D

Darkshia said...
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Darkshia said...

>__< wah I hope you will have fun! I was also thinking of picking up RO again, but not sure what server to play... *cough* 4th jobs looks tempting! * u *

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