Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another week has passed.

I'm kinda lazy to write on my blog lately, unno why...but well, here I am writing this and here I am demand you to watch this video, just because it's pure awesome ! I demand you to turn sound on too, because you can't miss out the music :P

There's one thing not so awesome about this... I'm not in it :(, my fault thou, I didn't bother when BW asked us for footage of us in action~ and ROFL @ powerful bosses.. I understand Vergo.. but the first 2 and treasure golem xD. BW you're way too funny, I <3 you.

Remember guys. Vote for |Justice| !

Together we stand. Together we triumph! Next week CW Plan, Abandon all bases, all offense for the lulz !!! Jk xD.. I don't know CW business, failed as a spy QQ

As BW point out, one of the song in the video actually name Army of Justice by Two Steps From Hell. The song start playing at 4:34 when it said WAR. I found it rather clever since he put the song with us going to war, and our clan leader name is |Justice|. Go BW GO :D! For those of you who don't know, Two Steps From Hell is the one who produce most the music for American movies trailer and movie scenes, the kind of music that no one ever notice but without it the movie wouldn't be so awesome anymore.

Short one today, gonna sleep now. Have a good maint and turn your comp off for once >:D



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