Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay so i hasn't write anything for weeks... maybe only 1 week >.< You see i'm now home. And to me home = good food, home = family, home = no school, home = CRAP LOAD OF CHORES >.;(

And we're still remodeling our house, so there's lots to do and not much time on the comp. I also been hanging out with the old high school friends and such, less time on the comp :P. Come to talk about that, I wanna go watch Shrek the Final Chapter in 3D, Everyone is invited!! to pay for my ticket of course :O! It starts playing today I think, wanna gooO~~~~

I saw something in the tv, that caught my attention, this 30s commercial made my day!!

Those dance move are so mine :o! You know how I always say *dance dance*? look at the woman on the left (the fire on the beach scene) at :20 - :21 in the vid, that's EXactLy what I do when I say *dance dance* Muahahahaha. The song in the commercial is call You Light Me Up by Open Sky, there's no full version of the song as of now. I want the full version, so i can dance to it all day, yayyy.

For sword, the last seven days, I defined the meaning of "Afk Lvling," I didn't even do circus, the only time I will be active is Team Arena MMC3 time, curse G1 for putting MMC1 at 1am in the morning -_-. I retired from SA and used he gold for combat manual instead, 50% ish a day is quite decent for a two person team.. maybe? As of now, mother just called and ask me to mob the floor QQ.. until next time :(!

Happy gaming to you all~


Tuckerman said...

Tucker is on 0:11s :D
LOL on Amy dance :DDDD

Jouslain said...

ROFL I'd pay to see both of you dancing!!!! :D

Tuckerman said...

we waiting for the show "Word got talent" :D
ahh yea! i am doing those dances with bunny ears! (it doubles dance power!)

Amalielle said...

Omg haha I would pay in bacon to see Tucky and Jousie dance together :o!

Jouslain said...

LOL Im not on that video, but I guess it would be fun too

Almontri said...

That commercial is so win! I want a full version too. Dx

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