Monday, May 10, 2010


This week is final week, I'm flipping myself over by seeing no point of studying. I'm totally not sure how I did on my Ochem final. 11hrs from now I will take my Quantitative analysis final, that one not gonna be so bad. Then I have two more which I'm not gonna be worry about. I'm actually tired of being a good student, I'm tired of all the labs, all the competitors... being a Biochemistry major isn't a very pleasant thing to do. I should have stick to my business major.. then I would be done with school by now, and start having a decent 'life' ! *whine whine whine*

Anyway, after exams, summer will start! Ooooooo, the sun, the beach, hot weather !! I hate them all! Gib me back my winter :(, where snow is falling, where jingle bell is ringing, where Santa is laughing <3. I'm a winter child, screw summer >:(! I'm actually not 'free' this summer, registered for summer classes, one online and one offline. The offline one is at 8oclock everyday... I feel like high school all over again.

I've been camping KoC lately, I figure, my fighter could use a better GS or something, so if the dang Dragon Heart recipe ever drop, I will craft her a Elite Dragon Slayer <3, I was gonna think of farming TA and get Passion of Regulus instead but seriously.. 6 people to start =.=. The loots are decent, but not anymore after it divide by 6... too lazy to find starters.. too poor to pay them.. ugh... no money for runes...lately, I've negative money intake Nuuuu!

Therefore, Luna (BSI) and Beautiful (Fig) continue to 'train' and farm KoC in SA, they're expert Lvl. 4 and 5 respectively. I must mastar them both! I was going to took a screenie if them owning KoC in Sa, but then I google and found something funny so I thought i would post that instead! Here it is

I dun think they got enough people, KoC is kinda tough don't you think so :S!?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be bursting yer bubble, but not funny at all, considering it's a screenshot from the older version. I suppose they're all vets. Stop trying to make fun of sge people.

Amalielle said...

1. I found it by typing "king of greed" on google image, I think it's funny because koc got "rape".

2. I wouldn't know what lvl they are, that's the true size of the screenie, can't really read his name/lvl.

3. Why do you think they're from sGE, because I can't tell, it's from google image -> COOL! -> click fullsize image -> copy link, then post.

But I do apoligize if I offended you in anyway, next time leave your name thou =3. Maybe i will took my own koc pic -_-

Jouslain said...

LMAO!!! Nice pic Ama! keep posting funny pics of sGE ppl!!

Amalielle said...

Jousie wanna get me killed :(!

Jouslain said...

I'll protect you from Anonymous :D

Tuckerman said...

:) this is nothing!!! You never saw Untouchables vs Elysium KoC battles, when 2 clans (around 10expert fams) stands on KoC hill for 1.5hrs. It was FFA, so imagine what happened to poor KoC... he was living like 10 sec at most :D

Those were the days my children :DD

Amalielle said...

I love you both my Tucky and Jousie <3

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