Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catherine Summoner's Master Stance - Assemble

After a long long wait, Korean GE Team had finally release the information about the new stance for Catherine the Summoner. The poor girl with only one stance since when she was a baby until she grew old finally have the chance to see something new. The new stance are are made up of five skills and is the stronger and better than the well loved Marionette stance. It consumes less SP to cast and have instant cast time, and it can also be use along side of Marionette dolls. One bad thing though, is that you can only summon one doll per skill, and of course, your Catherine have to be Master :(.

No further information have been release concerning how to get the stance or what is required, but the official screenie on the dolls have been posted. Click here for the full Res View.

Cathy in action!

And a typical day~

Warning: The above fake information might cause you to drool. It might also temporary increase heart rate. It's my responsibility to tell you that non of that was real, I was just bored and wanted to write about something >:D. At this point you might have a slight heartache that make you want to hang me. But you read to this point at your own risk. Viewer Discretion Advised.

You have been warned and there is no such thing is 'too late'! >:D


Special thanks to pitsco, Dikeheart and Kurai-tsurugi for helping with the making process~


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