Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Evora Week

Aside from being almost dead from the busy and stressful week, I was invited to Evora test server wooooooo~. All discussion for Evora can be found here. I was one of the first person to get on it. I jump right on it about 20-25min after the email was send out >;D. It seem like Raiden took over the project, since he's the only one there to help us out. There are also some testers in there, but they don't seem to be very friendly :S. But it's fun to watch them, they change from one char to another right in front of you =O

There's some added daily event, like Team Arena and such, but we all started with no armor, the full expert team doesn't help much if your chars are naked >.<. We tried some, all turn out to be unsuccessful, our full squad of expert got pwnt by those mob within 10s xD. There's not much to tell xD. Oh, I can tell you the exp boost on it is awesome :O, a solo Catherine summoner will get one Veteran Lvl in about 10minutes :D. The drop rate is too, it only took a couple of hours for Kumi to find all the parts for Catherine, using all expert team.

The only observable change was the stuff in Feso Shop and cash shop. The screenie of all item in the shops can be download from here. Thanks Ashardalon, who bugged me all day until I took those screenies for him and thanks Snowhusky, who asked me to uploaded them for her :P. Keep in mind, the priced are wrong in many places and the items on the list are not final.

To me, the two things that interest me the most from the list are the Home Premium Packages and the Premium Wing Coupons!

The image spoke for itself :P. There's 3 kinds total, that's the description of the most expensive one. The least expensive only give you access to Forgotten Area and 10% boost, the midpriced one give you access to Forgotten and Ancient area with 20% boost. All three have 30days limit on them.

And then there's the Premium Wing Coupon :o

They can be purchase one by one or in pack of three. You can exchange them with the Temporary Costume girl for the following:

All of the wings have 30days limit even if they didn't say so on the list (Lucifer and Devil Wings). Lool.. I want to see faction fight after this come out, watch it all glow from the fire on the Diabolic Horns :P

By the way it look, I kinda have a feel for where all my gold will be going every month. As of now, the only monthly items I use is the Warp License and Premium Treasure Chest, which run about 2500G a month (the rest of the 11000 gold is use for spaming boxes and one day item such as Phoenix wings, 50% exp manual ect.). After 3.4 come out, I will added the Advance Home Service package + Premium Wing Coupons pack (5000G + 1475G). They add up to a total of 8975G/month. That will leave me with only 2000G for everything else ='(, but that cover almost everything so I guess it wont be that bad~

Oh well, that's it for now. I hope those info will help you guys out a little :D. Happy gaming~


Anonymous said...

yay thank you very much <3
keep making awesome posts :D

Anonymous said...

what are those 26k gold all in one packs? :o

Amalielle said...

It's like mysterious powders, triumph pots and such. The price is wrong, all of them is not even worth 2k gold. The price came from sGE server, so it's in huge number~.

Amalielle said...

And thanks snow xD!

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